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Worst experience ever

I have over the years bought from a bunch of different online golf stores in the UK, but this goes for the worst experience ever.

Bought 4 different items, and 1 of them was the right one as ordered. One item were gloves which they delivered in a different brand - I could live with this but still annoying. The second was a wedge which I had phoned them after the order was placed, to have changed to a different bounce, which they forgot to change. The last one was a wedge which came with a regular shaft and a difference bounce than ordered.

I complained about the one wedge, and only after I repeatedly sent emails I got a reply from them. I could not accept the proposal I was giving where I needed to sent the club back to them, since this would leave me with all the risk, and I had no intention in trusting them. I instead offered them a fair deal where I would buy a new one discounting the shipping cost for the return club, which they said they would pay for anyway. I never heard from them, even though I emailed them a couple of times.

I cannot recommend this company to anyone. Total lack of consumer service, and they seems just to ignore emails on purpose.

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