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Pile of arse

expensive to call them, hours of waiting even when trying to become a customer!

every other service provider offers free phone numbers to join, not sky you just want to take money of people before they are customers.

I'll stick with the premium TV/Phone/Broadband provider, Virgin!!!


Nice and easy with good value thrown in!

Ordered many items and never got let down


Destroying lives

Facebook is great for finding friends from long ago, but the reason they are friends from long ago is because you chose that!

No more facebook, just bring back real conversations and social life


Great site getting worse and worse

Fee's and making money is all ebay is about, no more is it about the universe selling items at rock bottom prices, nobody can do that due to the unfair Ebay/Paypal fees!


Best search engine and service provider ever!

I've used gmail from the invite only days and love everything this company does, there isn't an app Ive not tried and love them all!!!

Trustworthy, quick and very helpful.

We have used fonebank to earn a bit of cash from our unused mobiles, they offer great prices, not the highest but I would rather receive £2 less than nothing at all. We can trust the fonebank, even when we send a phone that we think is worth £5 and they later came back to us to tell us that it was worth £10.

They are super quick transferring cash and when we have phoned them for advice they were super friendly and extremely helpful.

I have recommended fonebank to friends, family and colleagues and have no issue recommending them to anyone else!

Great service, how it should be...

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