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I am an expat and came on holiday to the UK. I needed to buy a whole load of vitamins and supplements - a year's supply - for the family to take back. I was happy to have found this site and ordered everything I needed having spent a long time chosing,etc. I placed my order and paid for it by my VISA debit card issued by one of the major UK banks. Payment was accepted - no problem. A while later I followed up to see the progress only to be told that the order .... had been cancelled! By then no notification arrived (it eventually did after we had spoken). The reason being - the billing address for my card was outside the EU zone. Of course I have it outside as I live in Africa for many years. This was not a problem when I paid as the option of the country I live in was there, the site verified and accepted the payment. When I mentioned this, I was told that probably it was something they need to look into but nothing could be done and even though money were collected they would be refunded... So, back to square one now.
I know some sites do not accept payments when the billing address is outside the EU zone but they also do not give you an option at the time of payment and do not accept your payment (beats me why, but at least they are honest from the beginning). This site however accepted my info, verified the details and processed the payment. Need to make sure now that money is refunded, even though I now got a notification that it had been processed.
So can't say much if they are good as never had the chance to experience their service. Customer service person was not very friendly when I had my query.

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