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Perfect, quick and easy. No issues whatsoever!

I've only used HTC Codes once. I have to say, I was sceptical. I mean, how does this thing have a web presence but is so shrouded in mystery and uncertainty? How wrong was I to be sceptical? This has to be one of the quickest and most efficient ways to SIM unlock your smartphone available on the net...

Sure the site doesn't look great and it sounds like it could be a bit of a swindle to begin with but I bought an HTC HD7 from eBay, locked to the o2 network, in less than 5 minutes after purchasing my code it was in my mailbox ready to rock and roll. It worked, perfectly, seamlessly and without fault.

I had to contact the live support, not because of an issue but because of my doubts. They are friendly and helpful and well mannered and delightful to talk to. They helped calm down my worries about handing over my money and I'm glad they did.

If you have a locked HTC, Sony Ericsson or iPhone, please go here! I promise you won't be disappointed.


Excellent ISP

I only use Sky as an internet provider and I have to say they are utterly fantastic, I've never had an issue with downtime, the speed is consistently excellent and I've always had a speedy & knowledgeable response from the customer support.

The only thing I will say against them is that I'm not massively overjoyed by the charge put in place if you do not have Sky TV with them as well, I think this is something to be addressed.


An excellent idea well executed

This is a prime example of a great idea well done. I use Trustpilot pretty much every time I make a purchase on the internet. Why? Because a consumer review is impartial and cannot be skewed by a company to put them in a more favorable light, you can gather a good idea of what a company is going to be like to deal with before the fact and it builds your faith in your purchases.

There's nothing worse than trying out a company for the first time with no-one to advise for or against. This is the ultimate way to ensure that your buying experience is going to be safe, secure and exactly what you as a consumer is going to want from your online shopping.


Great stuff!

This is seriously good. The memory scanner is a great idea and works 99.9% of the time, and if it doesn't give you the right results Crucial have given us a no-quibble refund. This has only happened once in over 100 scans so we are impossibly impressed. The price of their memory is also pretty good and you'll find it difficult to beat.


Utterly Amazing. Shame about the delivery.

I use Aria at work for a number of things and they are right on the money, they have good deals, some class products and their site is relatively easy to navigate and use. Their Deal4Today feature is great and you can grab yourself a bargain if you're prepared to have a rummage through.

I am a little disappointed when it comes to delivery however, It would have been a 5* if they had used pretty much anyone but CityLink. As this is not a CityLink review I won't say much more but there are better couriers out there.


Staggeringly good! Just a few little niggles...

Steam as a platform is something I would find hard to do without in terms of gaming. It's so simple and intuitive to use, you can find the games you want with ease and they often have some "mad-to-miss" deals on the go (much to my wallet's displeasure)! I've had one or two issues with hacked accounts but they've always been dealt with in a swift manner.

The chat function is one of my least favourite parts, however, it seems that I do tend to get booted off a bit too often for my liking and occasionally the network does go down without any real reason sometimes.

I give it a 4 Star rating because of those small issues stated above, other than that, I really cannot fault it. Good work Valve!


Mediocre, nothing special

What to say about Orange, there's not a great deal to be honest. They have above average signal strength down here in Cornwall, although that's mostly down to their partnership with T-Mobile, their customer service is not brilliant but also not the worst I've ever spoken to. I've had one or two problems with them in the past but they've always been dealt with albeit not necessarily in the quickest amount of time.


Brilliantly quick and simple

If you want a means of getting an item couriered, be sure to check these guys out. Their online interface is easy to navigate and use and they can do some really superb prices. It's not often that we send items off but if we do, I use Parcels2go every time!


Always a pleasure!

While working with CNX Technology, we use Simply Acer a great deal to grab some really superb laptops at a fantastic price. The usability of the website is phenomenal, you can always find a stunning deal and the delivery is always spot-on. I honestly cannot fault them in any way.

I even bought my personal laptop from Simply Acer after using them at work. Tech companies could take a few leaves from this book!


Not even slightly impressed...

We ordered a Graphics Card from Lambda Tek on Thursday 03/05/12 and were promised next day delivery. When it didn't arrive we checked the tracking and found it had been shipped to Oxford rather than Cornwall. It was apparently rescheduled on multiple occasions and now finally we have confirmation of pre-noon delivery a week (11/05/12) after the card should have been delivered. I will be requesting our money back on the delivery...

Excellent Service and speed!

I first found Sunglasses Shop thanks to facebook and it's frankly irritating adverts, but as summer is just around the corner I thought that I probably should get some new shades. Long story short, I bought a pair of Ray Ban Aviators from them and aside from the website timing out a few times during my order everything was smooth as silk. The customer service is sublime, speed of dispatch was instant and they arrived the following day. So in short, if you want sunglasses, get them from these guys!

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