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Woefully inadequate communication experience and expensive Customer Helpline!

When my parcel got lost, Interparcel customer service personnel were unable to give me correct information for 5 days! I was told everything from "The tracking system is down" to "It'll be delivered tomorrow" when even the carrier (City Link) had no idea where it was! After numerous expensive (long) phonecalls to Interparcel customer services I finally gave up and dealt directly with City Link who were at least truthful with me and admitted it was temporarily lost but would be found within 48hrs of that point. It was, finally, and got delivered a week late! I expect to have lost a good customer because of this fiasco - not a good experience at all. :(

12 March 2014

Reply from Interparcel

Dear Mr Howells

Thank you for your review.

I am very sorry that you have had an issue with our service. Please can you send your order number to so that this can be looked into.


Rapid delivery, good price and excellent quality - Many Thanks! :)

Fantastic service and amazing prices for top quality tyres! I would not hesitate to recommend this company to my friends.

PF Jones

Rapid delivery, good price and excellent quality - Many Thanks! :)

Easy to order, very fast delivery and always good quality - together with very reasonable prices - what more could one ask for?


10 out of 10

Faultless delivery every time. Normally their 48hr delivery is with the customer well within 48hrs (last 48hr parcel from Edinburgh to Manchester took just 27hrs!!) Well chuffed Customer and a well chuffed sender too! :) Peter



Arranged pickup and a courier duly arrived the next morning about mid-morning (2nd May). I have rarely met such a miserable condescending a$$hole! He slated my wife because it was 2 tyres and it was supposed to be one parcel (although I had paid for 30Kg to cover both tyres). I was phoned by a distraught wife and I hurried over to see what all the fuss was about. Turns out that because I had not bound them together he was going to refuse to collect! I explained I was sorry but I thought I was helping him. I was going to load them on the van THEN bind them together (making an easier lift of 2 x 15Kg's instead of a 30Kg lift that's all). Anyway, once they were bound in elephant tape - which took all of 60 seconds he was happy(relatively) to lift them on his van. he then went on and on about tyres being a bloody nuisance and how all delivery drivers hated tham because they roll about in the van etc., etc. Eventually I snapped and said calmly "Maybe I would be better using a different courier next time". "That's no bloody skin off my nose he said" He then gave me a minuscule sticker as proof of collection and left. Wot a numpty!
Then the real problems started! for the next day it literally bounced around the Edinburgh depot - then nothing! On the 4th May it arrived! However it arrived in Droitwich south of Birmingham! Odd - seeing as it was going from Edinburgh to Aberdeen - 150 miles!!
OK, so time goes on - and then on the 5th May it arrived in Aberdeen - WaayHayy! I thought. However as of tonight it is still in the Aberdeen depot, 5 miles down the road from the customer! YoDel explained that the sender (me) had called earlier and asked for a "nominated delivery" of the 8th May! I explained I was the sender and I had definitely NOT made such a phone call. I HAD called numerous times but only to find out WHY a 48hr service was taking so long! "I'm sorry but we cannot help" was all I ever got. I just hope my customer gets his delivery tomorrow 9th May. Amazing how a 48hr service can take a week and not even a blink of an eye from the customer services people to help! Astounded at such awful service! Peter.

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