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Used for years , totally trustworthy.

I have used these guys for years. Service is perfect. Nuff said.


Top Guys

Totally professional and organised guys . Their tours are well organised, well planned and nicely executed, The guys are all fun and you cannot fail to enjoy yourself. If you want to go green laning, try these blokes.



I went to this company to insure my defender. The quote was good. I accepted, paid a deposit etc. I sent my documents, to be informed that a 'Commercial Insurance No Claims Bomus' is not acceptable. You see I trade some vehicles (10 to 12 a year) and have done for years., I am a sole trader with traders insurance. Apparently the No Claims Bonus on this is somehow different to the No Claims Bonus on a 'private insurance'. I was not told this to start with or I would not, of course, have continued. I did not volunteer the information of course as my renewal notice says 'No Claims Bonus'. Now the fun bit. They keep the deposit, (£40 or so), and require a cancellation 'fee'. To add insult to injury they first tell me that the cancellation fee will be automatically taken from the card I paid the deposit with, THEN they send a threatening letter demanding payment or they will charge another £25!! So so far I am £70 out of pocket, and threatened by their gross STUPIDITY. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. (I am going to the ombudsman of course)


Dreadful Company

Appalling company - Always 'Free' but if you actually configure as per a normal company these guys work out as twice as expensive. Sick to death of their poxy emails, now sent through third parties. I do wish they would go bust.

PS Check the reviews on for the real lowdown.

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11 May 2012

Reply from Vistaprint

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and the hassle you went through.
We kindly inform you that we do provide free offers for our valued customers but it does not include any of the shipping fee or VAT.
Our customer support can better advise you, we are rachable 24/7 on the toll free number 0800 496 0350.


Appalling Website

Mobile app is dreadful, site layout/design dreadful, if you compare it to the US one it is even worse. Mind you the pizzas are good.

Easy Wellies

Super Duper !

Excellent price, super service , what else do you want?

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Long in the tooth, been there , done that, got the t shirt. Sick to death of cons, poor service and 'fashion'