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Westin Gourmet

A meaty version of the curate's egg.

The rump steak was very good indeed, easily the best thing in the pack. The Cumberland sausages were good, and the sirloin steaks were fine as was the mince. The pork steaks were OK, but nothing to write home about. The chicken - I have never seen so much fat come out of a bird but it ate well. Finally, the burgers: at the end of cooking they were swimming in fat, and, despite wrapping and squeezing in kitchen roll, any beef flavour that may have been in the meat was lost in an unpleasant fatty taste; we shall not eat the rest of them. Overall, apart from the rump steak, the quality of the meat we get from the local butcher we use (Mogerley's of Dumfries) matches or exceeds the meat from Westin Gourmet.

Also. for us, a problem with buying meat this way is that the minimum quantities of each item are too large for two people who only have a small freezer and who like variety in their meals.

10 May 2012

Reply from Westing Gourmet

Hi David,

Thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that your first WG experience wasn't great. Regarding the packaging of our products, this is something that we've been looking into for some time now. However in order to provide smaller quantities this would mean increasing the amount of packaging used, which in turn would increase the costs for our customers. As this is something we really want to avoid we've taken the step of introducing WG Freezer bags to the site to make our orders easier to portion.

I'm also sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the chicken or burgers. I was surprised to read of the high fat content you described and have passed this feedback on to our Butchers. I tried to give you a call regarding this but you weren't available. Feel free to give me a call at your earliest convenience on 0115 979 8439 and we'll get this sorted for you.

All the best,

Westin Gourmet

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