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Shamelessly deceitful

I booked one of Doree Bonner's companies a few months ago - most of the move was done very well. However one of my computers arrived broken. I spent a day trying to fix it (because they seemed so nice, I wouldn't want to make an insurance claim without being sure they had broken it) before giving up and saying 'Hi, I'd like to claim on the insurance for this broken computer'

Sadly, that's when their true colours came out. They disclaimed any responsibility, refused to answer any emails for two weeks until I told them I had started to solicit legal advice, and then pointed out a clause in my contract that means, if their interpretation is to be believed, that they charged me for insurance despite having absolutely no intention of ever paying out in the event of damage because they hadn't been the ones to pack the goods despite the fact the clause in question doesn't clearly specify that, and that they had ample opportunities to inform me of the case before the move.

So either they are trying to weasel out of their responsibilities by citing a clause that is ambigious, or they are happy to take the money for insurance even if they know they'll never pay out. That's fraud, in my book.

Avoid like the plague.

City Link

I'd give zero stars if I possibly could.

Came home to a card that said 'Sorry you were out, we'll try to deliver again tomorrow'. And when I say 'come home to' I mean it was clumsily jammed into the back of the intercom box outside the block of flats. Still, it says they'll be back tomorrow so I take the day off work to wait in for the parcel.

About 3pm I think 'I'll check the online delivery to see where they are', only to find they weren't delivering at all because they'd already made two deliveries. So, I received *one* card, and that card clearly said 'We'll deliver again tomorrow', but no.

So I contacted customer services, who said 'yeah, that's our bad but we're willing to make absolutely no attempt to redeliver this parcel with you negotiating with the seller. And no, we won't deliver on a saturday even though we wasted your day, and no we won't even specify a delivery window. Just get in touch with your seller to rearrange it, we won't lift a finger otherwise'

So I did, I contacted my seller who forwarded their authorisation mail to me. I checked again this morning only to find my goods had been returned to the seller, and the customer service monkey gave a verbal shrug and said 'Your package had been in our system the alloted time'

I am now boycotting any company that uses this terrible service, and I will be demanding a refund from my retailer (despite it not really being their fault), and issuing city link with a bill for my time.

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