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false promises

first i ordered my st1 nitro rc car via phone using the phone number stated on there website which was all great, they said it would be a few weeks untill the stock came back and as soon as it does my car would be sent out rite away.
that day came and went so i called them on the same number again and again the phone number i was trying to ring seemed either cut off or like there was someone cutting me off as it rang, so i decided to email them asking what stage my order was at "nothing back" so i emailled them and phoned them for the next 3 days asking whats going on ? "nothing back" the next day i got an email from rc2me saying that they had stock issuses and could not provide me with my order and had refunded the cost of the order back to me, so after 3 weeks of waiting for my order i was told it wasnt even coming at all !!!
anyway as a goodwill gesture i was told i would recieve the rc car for free when it comes back into stock along with £100 gift voucher for there store for all the problems they have caused, which i thought was brilliant so i was very happy as you can imagin, "so i wait" ...............
"and wait".................... "and wait".............."nothing" so i emailed them about were my car was and when would it be despatch from there store, "nothing" so i ended up sending them upto 15-20 emails asking them were it was and when i was getting it untill a guy called [Name] emailed me back say it was being prossesed on monday ! still nothing 2 weeks later after an email was sent to them every day sometimes twice a day asking were my car i was promised was ?? (dont forget this is coming up to nerly 2 months since i first placed my order) anyway i sent them a final email asking them if i didnt hear from them i would be leaving poor feed back on trust pilot, for them to email me back almost rite away with " thanks for letting us know " were the words i was sent via email, so i take it there never was a free car or a £100 voucher like i was promised, altho the car i wanted was back in stock on there website for 2 weeks. i will never use this company ever again for anything or will none of my friends or family. ( THERE IS NOTHING HERE THAT I HAVE BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION, I HAVE TOLD IT AS IT WAS AND HOW I WAS TREATED AS A CUSTOMER )

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21 May 2012

Reply from rc 2 me.

Dear Phil,

Sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience with RC2ME. We are constantly changing the way we work to ensure the best level of customer care is given at all times. We have applied a £100 gift voucher to your account on our website to put towards future purchases.

I have made immediate changes to our support system to ensure answers are more accurately answered by well trained staff as the response you received was both unacceptable and embarrassing.

If there is anything else you would like to discuss please contact me directly on my email address below.

Kind Regards
Andrew Lewis

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