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awful customer service levels

I ordered a water butt from this company a month ago. Everything in my order was in stock apart from one item but I added it anyway since the website implied that it would be sent to me when it came back into stock.
Little did I know that they would hold the order for 3 weeks just for that one item - and no one bothered to inform or update me. I had to call to find out that it was being held. They gave me a date of 27th April for the part to come in, May comes and still no word. I call again to discover that the order had been sent to the warehouse for picking. 8th May I finally, finally get a despatch note but no tracking number, expected delivery date - just that it had been sent by "nightfreight". So I wait indoors for 2 days and it does not arrive. I have just found out that nightfreight is a 3 day delivery.

Whilst I appreciate that I could have done things a little differently as a customer (calling more often, not ordering stuff that isn't in stock), I do think that a good business will do better in terms of communicating with its customers. It isn't much to ask to add a little note to your confirmation emails to say that once despatched, it will take 3 days - especially if they KNOW that. It isn't much to call or email your customers to say that there is a delay. Waiting a month for a water butt when we've had the rainiest April ever (and today is sunny when the water butt is due) is a lot to ask. I will never order from this company again or recommend it to anyone. Particularly since I wrote them an email to explain why I was unhappy and no one even bothered to reply.

I don't know what I'll receive, assuming I receive it. We'll see.

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