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Simple Servers

Excellent Service, highly recommended

Signed up to simple servers for their magento knowledge, Having coming from another provider who were good but their servers werent as fast running magento.

The speed with simple servers is excellent, even on a shared hosting account.

And the customer support has been great, saved myself from disaster once.

Highly recommended, particularly if you are setting up a magento based website

Bluepark eCommerce

Excellent customer service backing up a high quality ecommerce platform

If you are in the market for a full featured ecommerce platform to start up your own small online business, or looking to take your existing business online but unsure about all the hassles involved, then bluepark's very easy to use system is the perfect beginning. The software is easy to sue and customise while being powerful to cater to any type of business with features not available in other ecommerce solutions. Priced just right, with 3 different tiered options to suit your particular needs.

And of course there is the very high quality support given from the owners as well as the community on the support forums. Whatever problem you may run into, you can be assured you will receive a quick and very helpful reply.

There may be less expensive options out there, but you do get what you pay for, we made the mistake of using a cheaper ecommerce platform, however they were fraught with issues, andf their customer support was appalling.

I cannot recommend bluepark highly enough on the support alone, the rest just makes it easy to recommend

Very poor customer service

I initally chose EKM powershop to host my online shop as the price seemed attractive at first. Unfortunately I should have realised that with a low price comes a cost. The customer service that the company provided was of a very poor standard. I had commissioned them to do a custom design for my shop which didnt go very smoothly. The company give you 35 days from start to finish for the project, the first week was completely wasted due to emails that they had apparently sent me not arriving. I had asked if the first week would not count towards the number of days that the project had to run, and was told that they in fact would do even though I had received nothing from them in the first week. So the first week was a complete loss and waste of time. Then after that I received late emails, slow replies to emails, emails being sent at the end of the working day so there was no time to reply.

As part of the design I was to have had 4 banner images created, s far I have only received 1 image which came as part of the design when put in place, I sent off an email asking for a further two banner images and what was to be done with them and never heard anything further back.
I have still not heard anything back regarding these and am very doubtful they will ever arrive.
The only quick part about this whole process was how fast they were able to take my payment.

In my personal opinion, and after the poor service I received , I cannot recommend this company.

I have moved my shop over to another provider, and happy to say the service received has been excellent.

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