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Brilliant site

This site is excellent, though to be fair not the biggest range of individual makes of products yet a good variety of brands.

I thought I would find somewhere that did discount brand make-up just to try out as never been a big user.

The dearest item I bought was Maybelline blusher at £2.49, sealed and genuine. Will definately be going to return to the site to make a further purchase soon.

The delivery was excellent too as I ordered on the 15th Oct (Sat) and receved 18th Oct (Tues) which I found very impressive from a site I have never used.

There a few items that are either testers or unsealed but this is stated on the site and I bought an unsealed mascara which is perfect.

One final point I emailed them to thank them for the quick delivery and saying I was very happy with my purchase and I got as lovely email back thanking me for the feedback.

Overall a highly recommended site that deserves the business.


Personal experience - Edinburgh Airport

Travelodge Edinburgh Airport is a decent enough place in a modern new build. There is only sound proofing on the airport side despite planes going over head and can be heard on the other side of the hotel.

It is close enough to the airport and a taxi can be booked by the hotel probably cheapest option but the transport into the city is not the best. Buses don't always run frequently but I would recommend getting the first bus service as these are generally quicker than the 48 which is every 40 minutes.

TOP TIP: take your own mug or cup with you, either bring one or buy a cheap one once in Edinburgh. I know for a fact that this hotel in particular runs out of cleaning products on a regular basis and it is not unknown for the staff to be told to clean everything including the mugs with TOILET BLEACH bought from the local Scotmid.


To good to be true

I found a deal on a mobile phone so went ahead, took 12 days to deliver as I could no longer wait as I need tp phone to cancel contract, 14th December 2010, was told I could cancel contract and return the phone as a refused parcel. I phoned today 10th January 2011 - cancelling on account was never done, so I got charged again for a phone bill on a phone never used.

I have been told wait till the 8th February 2011 as that is the next bill date if I haven't recieved my £40 refund to call them back.

The only problem I have with phoning them back is the amount of times
a) I will be put on hold and
b) the amount of departments that can potentially put me through to

Well to date I was passed from person to person and number to number and told that I would recieve my refund on the 8th of March instead.

I finally recieved my refund on the 8th March 2011 which now totals £60 as when they finally made my account inactive in Feb they took another £20 from me which made it £60.

I have written a letter of complaint to the company say how extremely unsatisfied I am with the treatment and the fact that it has taken almost 3 months to get my money back.

Now still waiting a month later for my compensation vouchers..guess they may or may not show up.

STEER CLEAR - they may have great deals but I am in no way impressed and would never trust them to handle an account of mine again and certainly would never recommend them to family or friends.


Good site with lots of things

This is a good site for selling second hand good and also purchasing. It is possible to list ads for items wanted aswell.

You can post free ads but if you want to promote your ad it will cost. You can upload 3 free pics as well for your ad.

As with things like this always sell face to face and be careful if you are unsure.

I would recommend as you can find some interesting items on here.

There are jobs pages aswell.

UPDATE: I still enjoy looking at gumtree but be very very careful if you are selling, anyone who asks you to give out your paypal email address because they will give you an extra £30-£50 for postage is scamming you and should be reported immediately.


Never had a problem

I have ordered from this company a few times and they dispatch items when they should and I have recieved within a few days.

They have quite a good range and also sell second hand games as well although I have found some items can be out of stock for a while.

I would recommend this company.


Getting better

Three are one of those companies that you either get good service with or you don't.

I have found that the internet connection can drop quite easily at times and the slightest bump to your laptop can cause the dongle to disconnect, it could be that their is a problem with their software.

I have given them 3 stars as when I have had problems with my mobile broadband and I have contacted them they have helped through the problems I have had.

On the flip side their customer service staff are quite hard to understand with their accents so it can be tricky to get you issue across and they do have a habit of trnasferring you to another department and you have to start all over again by explaining your issue.

I am due to renew my broadband in july and think I will be going with o2 for my mobile broadband as I have read several horror stories about what happens when you keep yo was a lot better.

Now a 4 star as I have kept my contract due the best avalable with regards to GB per month and when i've had a problem and I phoned the customer service and git straight through without have to repeat or explain myself to anyone else.

Also have a pay monthly phone contract now and so far so good, no issues yet, number transfer and setting a direct debit by phone was simple enough to do and was told what would happen as number was transfered and what he said was I would get a text which I did.


Great company but website has issues...

I have shopped in HMV a lot over the years and prefer spending my money instore rather than online.

When I have ordered online I have either had my item dispatched and recieved within 3 days or I have had to wait 6 days to be dispatched dispite it being in stock. This has happened 2 or 3 times and now if not dispatched in the time it states I just cancel and try and find the product elsewhere even if I have to spend a few more pounds.

One item I did order was meant to be 2 discs but was only a 1 disc CD so they should probably check their product details.

Not sure whether I would recommend their online service.

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Great company

I have ordered several times from amazon and have had no problems apart from slighly slow delivery a couple of times (I'm not completely sure whether this was their fault or the mail company).

A lot of their DVDs are now dispatched from Jersey where orders are fufilled and dispatched by and they dispatch just the same as amazon did on these items.

Prices are reasonable and their is also the opportunies to get bargains from those selling used items as well just make sure you read their feedback before making a purchase.


Good service

I have flown with Jet2 once and it was fine. There was no issues at the airport and the flight left and arrived at destination as stated.

I found the plane although comfortable for what a budget airline can provide seemed quite old and tired.

I would recommend them as they have good prices on flights and seem to have good service.


Good service

I have flown with Easyjet twice and have never encountered a major problem.

The only issue I had was a delay but that was overcome and we given good updates of when the flight was due to depart.

I would recommend them as they have good prices on flights and an easy to navigate website.


Great site

Lots of lovely and unique beads at reasonable prices.

Site can be a little tricky to get around but I would recommend as have shopped several times and would do again to help increase the beads I need for making jewellery for my website.

Great company

They are a good company, I have only ordered the once and was impressed as I recieved my item within 3 days and that was around christmas time aswell.

All in all I would recommend as they have a great range of brands for surf and ski.

Beads Unlimited

Fab company

I think they are a great company and I have used them several times when ordering beads and findings for making my jewellery for my site.

I have always had my items dispatched promptly and arrived within 2 days so I would highly recommend.

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They are a good company but...

I have ordered several times and will continue to do so. They have some good bargains and a fairly good range of region 1 and 3 with the majority being region 2.

I wouold say that delivery can be a little on the slow side so on that basis I have always gone to another company when needing an item quickly.

I have contacted customer service once and recieved a reply within a couple of days so was happy that my problem got sorted.

I owuld recommend them but if you need something quick I would go elsewhere.


Good site but...

They are a good site but they can be very expensive for certain items. It is possible you could be paying a lot more for electricals like TV etc compared to somewhere like currys.

I have never had a problem with customer service and had an electrical item refunded to my account with no problems.

You can pay interest free on most items for either 20 or 52 weeks but for more expensive items you can spread the cost for longer but be hit with a hefty interest rate 29.9%.

Although you can do a buy it now pay later and pay before the date and avoid this charge.

I would recommend them but be careful if ordering a lot at one time as it can add up to a lot with out realising for you monthly bill.

E Beads

Super service and lots of lovely items

Brilliant site, I make jewellery so like to source interesting and different beads.

I have had to contact customer service on one occasion as I had something not turn up, when I phoned they asked me what I would like to have sent as that has been out of stock and they posted it out and I recieved the next day.

Prices are reasonable and you can pay by paypal aswell which is great.

Highly recommended company.


Good site but be careful

Ebay is a great site in its own right with many exciting and different items for sale by many people all around the world.

I have been caught out a couple of times by sellers despite their feedback and both times the customer service I recieved has been great and they were very helpful in asking the right questions to help find a solution to my problems.

I think anyone who shops on ebay should always read the feedback to see if there are any neutral or negative feedback. I do sometimes bid on these sorts but only if I feel they buyer may have been expecting more.

If you are unsure you should either email the seller, if a quick reply then probably a good sign they are legit or just try and find the item from another seller or another site.

I would recommend as you can get some good bargains.


Suf wear and ski - Great stuff

I found them good to deal with and had prompt answers on my email enquiries.

The one thing I did find was that what I ordered was just packed in a bag with another on top and sealed rather than the boots being posted in their box.

There is a charge on postage which is reasonable compared to some companies.

I would recommend them despite this.

Fantastic range of dvds music and much more

I have used for just over 5 years now and have always recieved excellent service. When ordering pre-orders they guarantee that the price if lowered is the price you will pay and also they do not take any money until it is ready to be dispatched.

I have recieved pre-orders before the actual release date on several occasions. Most orders are delivered in 3 - 5 days from dispatch.

They now have a whole range of items from books, gadgets, toys and even electrical items.



Quick delivery of international DVDs, never had a problem with them and great customer service, all dvds are Region 1 so ensure you player can play them.

Prices can be a little high but there are no taxes to pay to ship them into the UK.

One to recommend.

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