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How helpful are they?

I had an Natwest Account for 6 days and closed it, the safe in a few branches I find not welcoming and look bored of there jobs.

There Parent company RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) is 80% owned by Tax pay, but wonder how they can afford to show adverts, I am sure Tax Payers should attend CEO meetings about the bank and not MP's. Still makes you wonder how Natwest can charge customers overdrafts when they have already paid it in Tax.

There getting money from Tax payers twice over and when you pay tax on your current account it's most likely heading back into the RBS group.

A family member who is in another bank or building society took some money out of a Natwest account but did not give them the money so got worried and asked to use Natwest phones to contact there Bank or Building Society due to them being worried and Natwest Staff where leaning over and asking them to hurry up. Seems it's okay for them to put money back in next day put not happy to re-assure a member of the public and they were also rudely spoken too.


Halifax - My Review I think you should apply.

Was with The Halifax when I was younger and have recently joined them again but now with them being owned by Lloyds Banking Group.

Had a few problems on opening the account On-line as I wanted to claim the Reward they had at the time of opening. I was given a PDF which I saved. The next day I rang Halifax up and then had nothing with my name on it on there systems and asked to wait till Wednesday. Phoned Wednesday still nothing with my name on it. So I went into local Branch that Wednesday and the Branch manager approached the help desk at where I was stud and he sent me to an advisor when they offered half the reward which I opened the account. Got back home and reported it on Facebook and the staff member sent what problems I had to customer relations including PDF as evidence. They gave me the difference and also game me something as good will gesture.

I have been now with The Halifax for 2 weeks and thing the service is great as they have local rate numbers and the Twitter & Facebook Team are on hand 7 days a week. Having the local rate numbers has saved me a lot of money doing my banking and good for mobiles too.

I think the Online Banking side needs improving with Halifax Though, including Mobile App.

But over all fantastic. :)


How good are Nationwide's FlexDirect? I think not good...

Flex Direct:
- You have to pay at least £1000 to have this account.
- You are not permitted to use Nationwide's Branches.
- Your only allowed to use Nationwide's automated service on the phone's.
- You banking is all internet biased.

So your paying money in and people pay your wages in but Nationwide still get money for this. So your on your own but Nationwide are in the money. Crafty.

I would go for Halifax's Reward Account or Santander's 123 account then this one!



What a way to shop, you only have to unpack the bags and you can order from the seat in your house. Friendly Drivers as well! Also if you have to have a substitute ASDA don't charge you any more then you would have paid.

Take your next shop online with ASDA, you will love it because I do!

Oh and £3 cheapest deliver it's cheaper then the ride there and back to there stores!


Know how to try and get money from there customers!

I have a Blackberry mobile (Pay-AS-YOU-GO) They said I have to have £5.30 on before I could buy the Blackberry bolt on, but hold on they do not have a £5.30 top-up do they?? So guess what I would have had to do?? Yes put £10 on.

I complained to them and they said I had to ring them, I was like "what??!"

02 all they way now!



SANTANDER BANK has been fantastic to me and there FACEBOOK and TWITTER team is a fantastic way to get help.

A bonus about Santander is they are not owned by Tax payers! :)

There are many great accounts and many which adapt to each persons daily life!




Just loose a Star because there the dearest to be able to buy a pay-as-you-go phone but great once your with them and always willing to help.

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