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Essential Travel

Good cover, easy to arrange....BUT

Got a good quote and the cover I wanted BUT it was really spoilt 48 hours afterwards when I received an email asking me if I wanted travel insurance (which I had just bought) but I could have 10% discount for 48 hours only.

Not very good targeted marketing, is it?

21 November 2012

Reply from Essential Travel Ltd

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for your feedback. We're disappointed to hear you received the discount offer as this was only meant for past customers who used to have a policy with us.

It seems that you must have booked with us in the past under a different email address, so unfortunately it was impossible for us to exclude both your current and old email address from the emails.

As a gesture of goodwill we'd like to offer you the 10% discount on your current policy so please do get in touch with us at trustpilot@essentialtravel.co.uk and let us know your policy number and we'll arrange this and remove your old email addresses from our system to ensure you only receive the most up to date communication.

Kind Regards,

Essential Travel


Will never deviate from the script

unbelievably poor customer service. It is obvious they read from a script and will not deviate, even when they know their systems have got it wrong.

Got £25 off my first order but had to return the item. They credited the item and removed the £25 first order discount. Tried to order an alternative and was told I cannot have the £25 first order discount anymore as the item I want to buy is already reduced!!! Where does it say reduced items bar the use of the first order discount?

Pathetic, robotic responses from a company that does not care PLUS if I receive one more phone call trying to force me to buy things!!



Cannot count or apply common sense

Having ticked the 'accept substitutes' on my order I really expected Tesco to apply their policy effectively.

Unlike the lady who received WHITE bread instead of out of stock WHITE wine (beggars belief), I received 4 packs of 9 toilet rolls instead of 2 packs of 24.

Now, even children can calculate that 4x9 = 36 so how does this substitute for 2x24= 48? Okay, its not life threatening that I did not receive an appropriate substitute but when I complained all I got was 'we will talk to the picker about this'. No compensation for being 12 rolls down, absolutely nothing.

So, a letter to head office and what did I get back? 'We are disappointed and the picker will undergo training'. So, Tesco pushing the blame onto the poor picker when it is their systems that suggest substitutes. I received no money back, no vouchers for the difference, absolutely nothing.

So, there you go, Tesco's have lost a customer and they do not even care. I would not shop with them and would pop along to Sainsbury's or Asda's who are vastly superior in their service in my opinion.

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