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I guess you dont reply to customer emails either! On friday I traded in borderlands 2 and far cry 3 to get tomb raider that you have on offer for £1. I walked a 4 mile round trip to do this only to get home to find YOU havent given me the explorer version as described on your website. Not only that...But I traded in some other games expecting to get the extra 25% trade in value against devil may cry but I was told I couldnt. I got home only to find I have purchased a preowned copy of dmc at a staggering £39.99 which is £2 dearer than buying it brand new in different stores. So in a nutshell, You gave me a game worth £5 less than the advertised price, you didnt give me the 25% offer as advertised on your website and sold me a preowned games at a higher price than other shops are selling it new. I would like to speak to a manager directly as this is not how I expect to be treated by a company as large as yours


Absolute disgrace- Order Number 308374

Why are people getting responses on here but iflorist have totally blanked me?
Its a shame there isnt an option on this website to not leave any star rating!!! So 2 weeks ago I ordered my loving wife a bouquet of premium flowers that contained roses and lillies for valentines day. Courier brought them yesterday in a nice big fancy box. I opened the box to expect a lovely bunch of flowers but to my dismay I found 12 shriveled half dead roses and nothing premium about them at all. I swear, a garage forecourt for a £5 would of been a better investment. Due to the poor quality of flowers I emailed iflorist a picture yesterday but I havent had no contact from them at all! Valentines day is the 1 day a year I buy flowers because I dont believe its value for money for something that dies in less than a week. I spent £45 on a bunch of flowers that contained no lillies, 12 half dead roses and a jazzy box. Absolutely disgusted with what I received and I know now that I should of gone to tesco and bought some for a £5. Thank you iflorist for ruining my valentines gift to my wife and sending me the worse bunch of flowers I have ever seen. You are a disgrace and I want a full refund. I hope you read this message and give it some urgentcy as you obviously dont reply to the tickets that your customers submit in your support section deemed "critical"
I welcome a response from you as i have pictures on my phone detailing how shocking your flowers are. Check your emails for the picture I sent, reply with the condition of a full refund and an apology for ruining my valentines gift. Lesson learnt......Spend £45 on a pandora charm instead!!!!
Just tried ringing them on the phone number provided on the website to give them a piece of my mind and it goes straight to an answer machine message telling me to send an email. I am guessing they are receiving alot of calls from disgruntled customers this morning. I am a member of some very large online community websites where I will name and shame if I dont get a reply on here or by email in the next hour of so.
A very very unhappy customer

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Coffee shops are fab.....Machines are drab!!!

So tonight I went into my local tesco only to find a costa coffee machine, Brilliant I thought- after a long hard day, A nice hazlenut hot chocolate will see me right. The ball and chanin was attached to my arm too so I went to the machine to order 2x of the above.

To my horror!!! No hazlenut flavour again. I have visited many of the same machines that contain a free flavour with your drink. This particular machine did have a caramel flavor though for the onwards and upwards we thought. We left the supermarket and purchasing our drinks and as we steadily drove around the car park to the exit....The coffee was cool, not HOT, but cool!!!!

After a couple of sips though the taste of the caramel was stonger than the taste of the h.c and unfortunately both cups were deposited in the local dumpster as the flavouring was far far TOO STRONG!!

Basilly I paid £4.60 to line a dustbin with caramel flaovoured cool chocolate!!! I feel strongly that I searched out this website to write this very review and sorry...costa.....Its not a good one this time



Due to a system error I am changing my review.

I am going to leave the original text on this review and edit in this section instead. If you read my previous comment I had wrote, that a bluetooth failure had caused bozowi to deduct money from the original price of the phone i was recycling. I came on here and wrote my review and the following day I received an email from them stating that a system glitch was the cause of the deduction and that the full price would be paid and that they were sorry for any inconvenience caused. I am now happy with the service i received from them and have amended the review to suit.

Sent in an almost brand new s2 that i restores back to factory settings. I was sent an email saying "During the testing, the engineers have tested your phones Bluetooth and have found that your phone drops its connection from the device intermittently" A phone that new does not have intermittent faults especially on bluetooth.

I have used the phone since day 1 and I know that it is perfect and therefore I am at the conclusion that bozowi should be renamed to ROBIN HOOD

11 March 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Steve, thanks for your initial review and amended one too - all feedback is valuable to us. We're glad you were ultimately happy with the

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