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Excellent Customer Service

I recommend this company due to tons of information that is available for your job field and being able to find answers through networking as well as career opportunities.

Pure Health LLC

To date, I have not yet received my order.

I did receive an email from the company stating I should receive my order within 14 days from the date I placed the order which was around the 28th of April, due to a high demand.

As of May 11, 2012 I haven't received anything. Still waiting to receive my order.

13 May 2012

Reply from Pure Health

After reading the scathing comments below, I almost feel like giving an update is a lost cause, and no matter what we post as a company, no one is in the mood to understand. Speaking as an individual... I too, am an internet shopper and judge an online company by several points... a good price and expediency in getting my order to me. Although Pure Health's price point is fair, we have failed in the expediency department. All comments are warranted and speaking for Pure Health, we certainly understand the "pummeling" and angry posts. We painfully feel every blow and every harsh word... Giant lessons have been learned these last few weeks and we ARE working hard to fulfill everyone's order. We DO have people working around the clock shipping orders. We have a full staff processing orders every weekend, including tomorrow, Mother’s Day!
What most people don't understand is just how many orders we received that first day that the Dr. Oz show aired. We are one of the only green coffee bean suppliers that offer pure extract with no excipients, fillers and binders. We took tens of thousands of orders the first day Dr. Oz aired on April 26th ... the bulk were internet orders, although we took thousands of orders by phone as well. The 2nd day, April 27th ... we took almost as many orders again by internet and phone. Please know, that 1st week, we went from 5 employees to 35 employees and our phone system couldn't handle all the calls. Our customer service employees couldn't get back to all the internet queries and voice mail messages. As soon as we'd empty our voice mail with a 4 page list of names and numbers, the voice mail would fill up again, despite every available customer service person answering phones as fast as they could! To add more “flame to the fire”… the Dr. Oz green coffee bean segment RE-RAN A WEEK LATER ON FRIDAY 5-4-12. The craziness escalated even more…
I KNOW these words sound like excuses, but until you are in the middle of a "hurricane" like this, you just have no idea! The Dr. Oz show absolutely "knocked us to our knees.” We are a small company and have always prided ourselves on quality products and great customer service. Up until The Dr. Oz Show green coffee bean orders, our customer reviews have always been stellar and positive. We ARE working hard to get all orders out. From the very beginning, we told all people ordering by phone that we were projecting 5 to 10 business days to get their product shipped. Counting today, we are actually only 2 days off the shipping projections we quoted to customers from the day Dr. Oz originally aired (4-26) and we anticipate being caught up with all orders by mid week. Unfortunately, the only feasible way we had to let our online customers know of the shipping delay was to send out an e-mail to all customers (and for this we apologize as some customers were unhappy about receiving a “canned” message – but this was our only option at the time) or until they would call or email looking for their order (which bogged our phones and emails down further).
We are not a "scam" company. We are an overwhelmed company that is slowly but surely "catching up." We realize our reputation has been damaged and all we can do is try to make things right by offering you one of the best green coffee bean extracts on the market. Once we are caught up, our normal 24 to 48 hour "order to shipping turnaround policy" will be back in full force.
For those of you angry about your credit card being charged immediately despite not getting your product right away... Please understand that our policy is NOT to charge your credit card until your order is processed and ready to be shipped and we strictly adhere to this policy. If you paid using PayPal, however, it is their policy to charge credit cards immediately. Unfortunately, we have no control over this. PayPal charges your credit card immediately, no matter what. Again... this is their policy not ours.
For those of you who have found our green coffee bean extract at Walmart... good for you! Our customer service department has been referring everyone in a rush to visit their local Walmart and pick the product up there. They are the only retailer currently carrying our Pure Health Green Coffee Bean Extract, and they were our customers before the Dr. Oz segment actually aired, so product was already in stores and for sale.
Sigh... As much as it pains me to write this, I understand everyone's frustration and impatience. For those of you that are absolutely determined to cancel your orders, please help us to expedite your request by sending us an e-mail at: and put CANCELLATION AND THEN TYPE YOUR CONFIRMATION NUMBER ON THE SAME LINE. That is all we need and we will cancel your order immediately and reply back to you confirming that your order has been cancelled.
Please accept Pure Health's deepest apologies to our frustrated and disgruntled customers. For those of you that continue to hang in there and grace us with your patience... Thank You!
Kind regards,

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