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14 days turns into 7 weeks and counting... is truly terrible. It was £30 cheaper than Amazon so bought from them instead. Little did I know the 14 day dispatch would turn 7 weeks and counting. I've sent countless emails and received truly dreadful 'auto' responses stating basically that they had no idea when they'd get it in stock, advising me to cancel the order (when it's a popular title that most places stock easily).

And, the true kicker is...It was out of stock in my local HMV store, at the time of ordering but it's now been on THEIR shelves for weeks but are unable to let me pick it up from there!! I can, however, cancel my order online and buy it from the store but it'll cost me, the poor customer whose been pointlessly waiting for 7 weeks a whole £30 more than their online price.

I'll keep waiting...just for the fun of seeing another 7 weeks go by so I can write my second 1 star review about how they can't locate a well-known, popular title within 3 and a half months. NEVER shop online with

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