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Furniture Village

Horrendous service!!

On the 13th of January 2013 I bought a Newark dinning set plus 2 chairs. The delivery estimate was 3 weeks. They charged for the delivey as well.
On the 22nd of January I received a phone call from the delivery company asking if I could receive the furniture on Monday the 28th and they gave a 6 hours time frame. Initially I said yes, but then I realized I couldn't so I called them again to arrange another day.
I was badly surprised when the woman said that in that case she will pass my delivery to planning again and they will contact me again.
A few days later I called Furniture Village, and spoke with the salesman. I told him what happpened. He said if I expected they were going to come to my area only to deliver my furniture. I couldn't belive that!!!
They are a delivery company, that is what they are supposed to do: DELIVER.
Today is Thursday 31st of January and I haven't heard from them again.
The 3 weeks is something is not going to happen.
I haven't received my furniture and I'm already disappointed.
By the way, the payment is taken already IN FULL.

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