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Disastrous - they owe me £399 and I cannot get them to refund me!

I really regret moving to EE. I had been with Orange for about 18 years so felt a bit of loyalty to them.
Whilst EE staff have been very polite, they overcharged me for an Ipad Mini. Website said £229 and not only did they charge me £399 but they ALSO debited my account £399 in addition.
It has been 10 days and in spite of ringing on a number of occasions, they have not refunded me. The last person I spoke to said that it would take them around 14 days to process a refund.
Why? They are in the wrong and have the power to transfer money immediately.
VERY unhappy with the whole process and when my contracts end will definitely be leaving them and going elsewhere.
Incidentally 4g signal is OK - have never not managed to get online with the Ipad although sometimes it is only a 3g signal

18 days on.... still no refund. I rang this morning and got through to "Phil" who was incredibly argumentative, wouldn't let me say my piece and constantly interrupted. He said that it was being processed but they couldn't give any indication of how long it would take. I was promised a call back. I won't hold my breath


Appalling - unreliable - hard to contact with no landline and only live chat

I booked a parcel collection and was given a 12 hour window and sat in all day.
Inevitably the courier did not turn up and live chat with Parcel 2go informed me that the drivers 'try very hard' to do all their collections but the service is not guaranteed.
Apparently, in spite of having my telephone number, drivers cannot make calls for health and safety reasons. There was a stunned silence when I suggested that it would be possible to pull over and make a call.
As far as I am concerned a disorganised, unreliable courier company who should be avoided at all cost. I would not give them any business at all. I cancelled my order and went elsewhere.

21 February 2014

Reply from Parcel2go

Good morning Miranda,

Thank you for your review on Trustpilot.

We are very sorry to hear that you have received unsatisfactory service from us.

I would like to take this opportunity to investigate your order.

If you would be so kind as to email me at facebook@parcel2go.com I will be more than happy to help.

Kind Regards


Simply Electronics Ltd.

If I could give 0 stars then I would. Did not supply goods and am fighting for refund

avoid avoid avoid avoid avoid.
No camera, no refund.... initially I received responses to my emails but as I am now contacting this firm every day they have stopped responding.
I will now have to go through my credit card provider and attempt a Section 75 claim.
Please do not touch them with a barge pole.

Aspinal of London

Very poor - badly stitched bag and no help from Aspinal - unimpressed for £700 bag

A family 'consortium' led by a 90 year old uncle bought me an Aspinal of London bag for my 50th birthday. I was absolutely thrilled as I had always wanted a Brook Street bag.
When I opened it I spotted immediately that one of the handles had been badly stitched - the top stitching had come away and was lying loose. I did not say anything because I did not want to draw attention to it. Upon contacting Aspinal I had thought that being as the bag was brand new, that they would do a swap out. My mistake. Because I do not have the original receipt they are not interested. Their latest email suggests that it is wear and tear which is an interesting theory for a 5 minute old bag.
I really do think that for a £700 purchase they should be more response. After all, would you like to go back to a group of well meaning family and demand a receipt?
The bag is nice but the attitude of the company has really taken the edge off it and I cannot recommend them. Although nobody has been rude, I find their lack of responsibility appalling and can only recommend that you think twice before handling over hard earned money. To say that I am disappointed after years of lusting over one of their bags would be an under-statement.


too big for their own boots

Had a problem paying off my credit card balance last month after Tesco sent me new payment details which replaced the old account details and sort code I had.

I followed this the letter. Paid off the balance and went away on holiday only to discover when I got back that it had been returned unpaid to my bank account. I then received a default notice from Tesco - cheers. Plus, of course a £12 fee to cover the cost of an envelope and a 63p stamp.

Real issue was the phone call I made to their "customer services" which involved an interaction with an uncaring, uninterested, bored individual who frankly couldn't have cared less what had gone on. They were cool to the point of rudeness and made me wonder why on earth I even bother with them as a credit card provider. The woman on the phone patently did not believe me even though I told her I could take screen shots to prove that I had actually sent the payment (twice actually) - and that it had been sent to the right account. I was so cross in the end I just put the phone down. I very rarely ever contact Tesco so when I do, I expect to be treated with respect and dignity. I have never missed a payment before so am hardly a bothersome customer.
I dumped their stores ages ago in favour of the wonderful Waitrose after a member of Tesco staff in their Flitwick store coughed repeatedly over my shopping. Interestingly when I mentioned this to the store manager she said that the individual had a 'long term health problem'. mmmmm. Nice

Interestingly I cannot even email them to complain as they only accept telephone calls or letters - VERY user friendly.

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OMG The worst experience - EVER

The company wrongly removed my no claims discount and after I re-proved it they reinstated it. This took weeks to sort out and I was assured that everything was fine.
TODAY I received a letter from them saying that my car insurance ran out a month ago.
Basically they had cancelled my car insurance and I have been driving around totally uninsured for the last 6 weeks. They didn't seem to get why I was upset by this and said that they had 'tried to telephone me twice'. The fact that I could have been prosecuted, or be £40,000 out of pocket for an uninsured Range Rover did not register at all.
My advice would be stay well clear. They are in absolute chaos and are appalling to deal with. Shame I had to give one star.


Poor, confusing service at Bedford

Eye test was great but contact lens trial/fitting was a shambles. Was set up for a trial for one reading contact lens which was supposed to be free. After a month I called in to collect my prescription and was told that I needed an end of trial review in order to get my prescription which is fair enough. I then booked this online as a lens check - got there and was told that it was booked as an eye test. They fitted me in to see a specialist who refused to give me my prescription as I was unable to put the contact lens in immediately. I am new to it and it takes me a few goes. I managed to get the lens out immediately. Because I asked him if he had any other methods for removing the lens, and because I did not put the lens in at first go, he again refused me my prescription. I can kind of understand this BUT just as I was leaving they told me that the appointment was £20 because I did not bring the original contact lens with me. I was not told to - nor was I told that there would be any charge for the appointment. They then said that I should have had a teaching session at the start of the trial and that I need to go back for this. I don't think so. An absolute chaos - Truly cannot recommend it. Whilst nobody was rude, it was a disorganised enough experience for me to grade it 1 star.

20 May 2013

Reply from Specsavers

Hi Miranda, We're sorry to hear about this and would like to investigate further. Please could you email feedback@specsavers.co.uk with more details about what happened and a way we can get in contact you. Thanks.


My feedback

Coffee Italia were really good at sorting out a problem with a faulty Gaggia Vision including initially supplying a spare tank from Italy and then finally collecting the machine and then replacing it.

The new machine is missing the drip tray (cheers Gaggia) and once again Coffee Italia are sorting it out even though it must be costing them money to do so.

They have been very honest in all their dealings and although they are based abroad which isn't clear on their website, I would recommend them. Their prices are really competitive and it has been good to see that they back up their products too.

Thank you

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