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So stupid, it's unbelievable

My address was used by someone to fraudulently take out insurance via Swinton. We have crime numbers etc etc. Swinton won't stop sending me threatening letters 6 months after this should have been cleared up.
They know it's a fraud, but just offer to 'note my call' on the record as they're unable to change the address on the record.

Fine until you return somthing

Good until you need to return something.
I returned a IP Camera that would drop off my Wifi after a few minutes. Hopeless.
Returned, but they'll only give me 90% back as they say that by opening the box I had taken ownership. First time I've seen Distance Selling Directive interpreted this way.
Never again.

25 April 2013

Reply from

Hello Andrew

We are sorry you're upset with your order placed on April 12th.

On April 21st, you raised a returns for a refund and you mentioned on your returns form the camera had the following issue.

“Just not reliable enough. Fine on wired network, but only works for 20 minutes at a time on WiFi. No updates available from manufacturer yet”.

The unit was tested and no fault was found. Because the camera was in ‘used’ condition and no longer in new condition, 90% refund was issued.

With reference to distance selling regulations. All orders have been placed under your company and distance selling regulations only apply to consumers.

We have offered you a complimentary remedy to the refund. But it would appear you’re still upset.

Again, we apologise for any upset caused.




Three things to consider with a wine company - price, service and range. Nobody else comes close to the Wine Society for any of them.
Having to pay to join is a bit of a barrier, but easily pays for itself after the first year. Finally managed to get my Dad to start buying from them - he'd been buying from Laithwaites for years. He now won't buy from anyone other than the Wine Society.
The Society's website used to be below par, but been updated greatly, and now excellent.


Not what they were

My first job after graduating was with Majestic, so always had a soft spot for them. Sadly, they've reached a size where they don't have the interesting wines they used to sell. Over-reliant on constant promotions and special offers - seems to be 20% off half the store each time I go by, just gets irritating.
Always been surprised how much the customer experience has changed over the years too - I've been to both Harrogate and York in the last few years. No longer is there a 'Good Morning' when you walk in. I've never been approached to offer help, nor has either store ever mentioned the option to taste the wine on the tasting counter. Just don't seem that interested. I guess they don't have Steve Lewis as area manager any more!
Shame really as with the demise of Oddbins et al, there should be a role for a major chain, but guess I'll stick with the ever-excellent Wine Society.


Dreadful - just send you broken stuff in the post!

Ordered a couple of bins - pretty simple stuff. Arrive very well packed, with one bin inside the other. The inner bin was dented - must have been like that when it was sent as the packaging was so good.
Tried to return, but they use Yodel so 3 collections failed. Gave up.

Compare to Lakeland - if you phone them with a problem, they just refund on the spot with no need to return.


Happy so far

Just placed my 2nd order, hope it all goes as well as the first. I was slightly concerned about using non-Dell toner, but all worked fine so far. I didn't even need to select the option on the printer to use non-Dell, it seems to recognise the cartridge as genuine Dell.
Only genuine test of a company is when things go wrong, so wait and see before increasing to 5 stars!

Bit of an update, all 4 cartridges in my Dell Laser Printer have now been replaced.
One cartridge was damaged in the package - a small, but important pieced of plastic hadn't been attached properly. As I'd ordered it 2 months previously, thought it a bit cheeky to try and return. Bit of superglue and all works fine.
I'll be checking on delivery in future, but at these prices, more than happy.


Never again

Worked fine for first 2 collections. Not sure what's going on with the 3rd. Can't get their livehelp to work, phone number is premium rate.
Currently exchanging messages via facebook - pathetic.


Great search engine

No tracking, very few adverts, great integration with sites such as Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha.
Time we all switched from google.

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Just what do I need to do to buy from them?

Tried to buy a Blackberry Playbook from their online store. Card refused as the address didn't match. Works everywhere else!
Called them to pay over the phone - they use the same system (they have to go the website!), so that failed too.
Phone a store - Playbook only available online.
Found the director's office email on Trustpilot - received an automated reply, but nothing else after 24 hours.

If this is how they treat people who want to buy from them, I'll stick with O2 and Three.

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I have 5-10 deliveries per week to my house. If it's damaged, late, or doesn't turn up, it's normally because it's yodel.
Sadly, it's the sellers who decide who to use, not the buyers. I'd happily pay an extra couple of pounds to avoid Yodel.


Why didn't I take my own advice?

I always tell friends and family to avoid Currys like the plague. I wanted a Blackberry Playbook when the price came down - choice between Carphone Warehouse (awful) and Currys. I went for Currys.
The Playbook is faulty. It should have been collected today - but they use Yodl (what a combination), so no collection.
Currys are meant to be calling me in the morning, but I won't be holding my breath.
Stuck with a £250 paperweight.

>>Update on this - Currys didn't call, so I had to phone them. Apparently, the collection failed (no reason given), instead of just automatically rearranging for the following day, it's up to me to rearrange with them.
The drone in the call centre said I could take it into a store for a refund, but can't be sure that the store will refund as it's up to the store as it will go against their figures!
Rearranged collection for Monday, and changed to a refund instead of a replacement. Let's see what happens on Monday, then pray for the refund to go through!

Further update - They're trying to send me a replacement. Just can't believe any company can be this bad. Their expensive phone line is saying 5 minutes for answer, tried to email, no response. Guess I'll just refuse the delivery, then take it up with my credit card company.


Used to be good

Now just another voucher site with little useful info.Normal selection of nutters in the forums too.


5 stars for data, not tried voice

Recently signed up for a PAYG 3G dongle. Reception way better than from O2. For £3, you get 500MB that lasts until midnight the following day. Much better value than elsewhere.
May even consider switching my voice service when contract is up for renewal.


Always been very good

Buy stuff from here for my alpacas. Delivery always swift, never a problem.


They're Watching You!

Too much tracking -they just want your info to flood you with adverts.
Use instead - way better.


Excellent prices and service

Been dealing with dash4it now for a couple of years - excellent on every order. Normally next day delivery. Prices on maps cheaper than anything on amazon.


Dreadful wine

I really hate the way they describe their wines as having £X of value - doesn't mean they ever sold it for £X, just that they think they could.
Do yourself a favour and join the wine society.


Excellent service

Been using them for about 8 years. Only time they missed a delivery was when their warehouse was on fire.
Good prices, good range, OK website that's starting to look a bit dated.


Firm we all love to hate

OK, hate the way they dominate food retail, and their fresh food is just awful. However, website is excellent and some of their prices good.
Tend to buy ground coffee from them when it's on special.

City Link

Finally sorted themselves out

Used to get great service from city-link, then they took over all the franchises. In the end, I started asking stores which courier they used - if City-link, I went elsewhere as they never bothered to turn up.
Seems to be sorted now, with a regular driver.
Just hope they're still good towards Christmas when they start using agency drivers again.


Very informative

Quick and easy to navigate, loads of information.
Just a shame it's so ugly.


Very flexible

We live just outside their delivery area. Chat with the manager at our local store (York), and they've agreed to deliver to us. Seems the problem was the very large postcode area we live in.

Never that impressed

Pricing always seems out - amazon cheaper on most things. Play's range is poorer too. Music pricing very erratic.
Just not worth the bother.


Good laptop, good support too

Bought one of their very cheap laptops from ebuyer. I needed an update to the laptop to support something I need for work (64 bit virtualisation). Didn't expect much as the laptop was so cheap.
They replied to my email in a day with a download. All works now.
Would definitely buy from them again.


No longer the wild west

Mostly business sellers now rather than private, mostly reliable - ebay's feedback system works well to keep all in check.


Great, except marketplace

Amazon are great, just make sure you're buying from Amazon, not the marketplace. Ended up having to return a marketplace purchase to Germany - £30 at my cost!


Waste of money - nothing works

Downloaded all the recommended drivers, most aren't for my system, some don't work, some are older than the existing drivers.
I'll see if the promised BIOS update turns up (update - promised update doesn't exist!).
£20 worse off, hopefully slightly wiser - just annoyed that the link came from the BIOS manufacturer.

Update - looks like my refund is going to be processed. Let's hope they're telling the truth this time.

If you get stung too, go to and enter your details


Finally leaving

After being forced to stay another 12 months after not receiving the renewal letter, I'm finally leaving.
Just annoyed that every time I signed up for another 12 months, they'd increase their prices or change some condition - off peak from 7pm, minimum call charge up.


Used to be great

Were good.
Bought by Dixons.
Nuff said.

21 July 2011

Reply from

Thank you for your review.
I am sorry if you were not completely satisfied with our service. Should a problem arise we ask that you contact our customer care agents directly via telephone on 0844 369 0372 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm).
I invite you to contact me directly on with details of your order and an outline of the particular problem you have had so that I may investigate.
Kind regards,

John Lewis

Can't fault them

OK, I admit we get 2-3 deliveries per week from John Lewis. Returns work faultlessly, never a problem.
Only problem we've ever had is in the quality of their own brand white goods - tumble drier and fridge-freezer. Will just buy a proper brand next time (probably from John Lewis!)


Does anyone still use them?

So everyone knows that:
They're expensive
The service is awful
They're part of Dixons

How many reasons do you need to shop elsewhere?

Scan Computers

Always been really impressed with service

Good service every time I've used them. They're generally 3rd on my list of suppliers I use (behind & ebuyer), but if quietpc don't have the product and I need to know it will turn up on the correct day, then I use scan.
On delivery day, they send an email with the expected delivery time (1 hour window). Been right every time.
If they could just improve the search on the website, I'd be able to knock ebuyer of my list.


Throwback to the '80s

The old Maplin catalogue was a must buy 25 years ago, sadly time moves on and while Maplin are online now, they've just not changed enough. The components are often old and overpriced.
For the fiddly bits that you used to get from Maplin, it's now easier to use Amazon Marketplace - the Maplin website's search is just too poor.

I've fond memories of Maplin, but they're past their use by date.

Good most of the time

I place 2 or 3 orders per month with ebuyer. Next day delivery and supersaver delivery always work really well. Only problem is specified date - just don't use it as it never turns up on the correct date! Better to wait until the day before you need something, then order for delivery next day.
Only other complain is the use of 0871 numbers for customer service - just too expensive - they're only down the road!
Special offers generally very good - rare for it to be worth receiving a daily email from a company, ebuyer is worth subscribing to.

22 July 2011

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your good comments on, we are pleased to hear that you are happy with the experience and service provided by
If you need any further assistance or have any queries in the future please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Kind Regards
Ebuyer Resolution Team

Jeans Direct

OK until even the most minor thing goes wrong

Always slightly suspicious as their order confirmation email doesn't contain the order information - bad systems, or dodgy, not sure.
Was sent the wrong size, no idea if ordered incorrectly due to rubbish confirmation emails.
Arranged return eventually. They sent me the wrong return information, rearranged. Jeans lost in post - rather mysterious as the PO didn't do some of their paperwork correctly - though it does look as though someone collected the parcel, just wasn't signed for correctly.
Then receive a refund for the wrong amount - not sure what that's about.
Fortunately, PO are refunding as they are responsible for the loss of the parcel.


Normallly v good

They always manage to replace damaged phones quickly. Would get 5 stars if they could change my tariff without screwing up every time.

Update - dropped my rating by 1 star to 3 stars. They've always allowed me to upgrade cheaply 1 year into a 2 year contract provided I agreed to another 2 years. Option gone now - £100+ per phone. Guess I'll sit out the next 12 months, then look at my options elsewhere.

Edit - June 2012
Another 2 stars dropped - their 3G service is just too poor. I've bought a PAYG dongle from Three - 5 bars at home of 3G, even worked while on holiday in Orkney. My contract is up later this year, so I'll be switching to Three.

Update October 2013 - OK, I'll put them back up to 3 stars! We're on O2 Business, and the customer service is excellent. Just wish the network coverage was as good!
After upgrading our email server, we've had problems with the Blackberry server. No problem for them to change the tariff. New phone (Nokia 520) for just £59+VAT.
Assuming they finally get TUGO working on Business tariffs, we might even stay with them when the contract expires!


More of the same

1st part of order turned up, note saying rest to follow.
Nothing yet, will dispute transaction through credit card in the morning.


Fine until you do anything other than blindly renew

My car insurance and car tax both expire on same day. Can't renew tax unless you have insurance certificate. RAC won't send out insurance until they've taken payment (fraud prevention). They won't take payment early, so can't renew tax! Been through to 2 people - both say same.
Options are:
1) Drive without tax
2) Don't drive
3) Use a different insurance company

I went for 3. I'll be cancelling my breakdown cover at next renewal too.


Thoroughly unpleasant bunch

Never good, even worse when you try to leave. You can't cancel online, you have to call and wait for ages. Then you're passed to a different department that will offer you anything to keep you (I was offered 12 months free).
Finally, you're told that you have to write in to get you number to move elsewhere.
I will never use carphone warehouse again.

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Used a couple of times - excellent

First time round the fan was faulty - no problem, offered to send a replacement before I returned the faulty part. No need - they're only 20 minutes away and they were happy for me to visit their office. Very helpful & friendly staff.
My first stop for any new quiet stuff now. Have recently bought another fan following a PC upgrade - excellent once more.

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