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Not satisfied with this company so far

I have recieve a gift from a friend last maj on my birthday fra go dream (biograf forprimiere oplevelse) I have activated this gift immediately hoping I can try this oplevelse with the cinema but nothing really happens. All in all I have only maybe receiving 4 mails about forprimiere movies since Maj and we are in december now. My first mail was with a good movie but unfortunately even though I answered after 2 days recieving the mail, it was not fast enough and did not get it. After that I almost did not receive any more mails so I wrote to them and complained, but nothing really happen, from Maj to december I find it too poor not being able to use something that has been already payed for...


far from honesty

I choose to use telenor when I bought my iphone 4s a year ago... When I started receiving my bills they all seem to be very wrong and suspicious.. Everytime I ask them why my bills are like this, they are just giving me a nonsense/clueless answer. So i decided to leave telenor because I really felt cheated by this company.. I am force to finish 6 months because of the contract and so I did.. But unfortunately I am still receiving bills from them because I need to finish paying my iphone 4s( which I also did) .. the last faktura they send me suddenly got a 100kr gebyr out of nowhere. I am paying every month, I can see it in my netbank, and they just claim that I payed late in the month of december so I need to pay 100kr but in the faktura they send me the information put there was the gebyr is for the month of august.. what the h??? which is which? Who wouldn't feel cheated with this kind of system. The customer representative told me that the gebyr was for the month of december but i was telling him that it is august (it is written august in the faktura they send me), then he told me that I am looking in a wrong faktura,, Can eboks accidentaly send me a wron faktura maybe? I dont think so..
100kr is not an issue, the issue is this company keeps sending wrong informated bills. And it is so frustrating. I have never tried this before, and will never even dream of trying it again. "Terrible experience" that I can call my experience with telenor

The new faktura you send me cannot be open even though it is just a pdf file.. Can you pls send me a faktura that can be open maybe

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24 January 2013

Reply from Telenor

Hi, Ruby!

Thank you for your inquiry.

I have looked into the matter, and it is correct we have charged you a kr. 100 late fee on your latest invoice. This is due to a late payment of the invoice sent November 16th which was due December 6th. As a courtesey, I have sent a copy of the November bill to your registered email address.

Have a nice day.

- Danni, Telenor

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