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Non Reliable Shop - Really Bad service & Total Lack Of Customer Support

I placed an order at and I never received an order confirmation.

However the money was withdrawn from my bank account instantly!!!

Please take a look here also:

- Seems like this is a general practice (pattern) at their shop?

Despite several attempts to contact the shop via mail, there was no response. I then opened a twist-case via Paypal, since I used Paypal to make the actual purchase.

The shop/website didn't provide any options to cancel the order, and since there were no signs of neither order confirmation or response, I had to initiate a twist-case situation as mentioned.

The shop then choose to make a full refund and cancel my order - without any signs of interest, in actually deliver some sort of service.

This is simply a waste of precious time - and I strongly advice everyone else, to look for better providers out there.

The consumer experience with this shop, has been a true nightmare for me, and I really encourage others to carefully consider placing orders there.

At least I managed to get a FULL REFUND, which I believe was possible since I used Paypal to make the purchase.

Fornuftig og imødekommende - Værdsætter tilfredse kunder

Værdsætter sine kunder og ligger vægt på god service!

Uheld kan ske for enhver og her må man sige, at hififreaks er parate til at afhjælpe problemer via en konstruktiv dialog.

Det er noget jeg virkelig sætter stor pris på.


Extremely Poor Service and Very bad packaging

I placed an order at which included the purchace of 3 24 Karat GOLD CD's!

Those 24 Karat Gold CD’s are special collectible items with a high price, hence they should be delivered and treated accordingly by JPC when JPC are shipping purchased items. Unfortunately this is not the case here!!!!!!!

The shipped the purchased 24 Karat Gold CD's in an EXTREME poor packaging, resulting in one of these CD's got scratches on the front-cover including the sealing!

I forwarded a complaint to with full photos of the problem and included a solutution as well.

This complaint can be reviewed here:

Unfortunately wont admit what they have done, and they asked me to return the faulty item. I then told them I wont return that damaged CD, BEFORE they send me a replacement along with a prepaid envelope to return the other cd. refuse and claims this is their normal procedure.

Pay close attention to the actual complaint I mentioned before:

You will then understand fully why I find procedure and handling of this complaint as totally unacceptable.

I strongly advice others to find better and more realiable providers of such CD's!

You will be able to find more similar bad experiences with this shop here:


Fornem betjening!

Vil varmt anbefale denne forretning til alle der sætter pris på høflig og sober kundebetjening.

Er der problemer af en eller anden karakter, er det muligt at gennemføre en fornuftlig dialog og finde en løsning. Afgjort en af de ting jeg sætter pris på i forbindelse med et online-køb. værdsætter sine kunder og lægger stor vægt på at deres kunder er tilfredse!


This server provider is not to be trusted on terms of ETA's for delivery of a new order. They postpones new orders and makes the process long and difficult for the customer.
I have sent dozens of emails to their support and also communicated directly via their live-chat support.

They failed to setup a simpel VPS order and issued 2 wrong eta's for deployment and delivery. Next after they contacted me because of problems with Direct Admin and Ubuntu - and adviced me to move to another operating system. I told them to move to this operating system instead to avoid futher problems and delays.

Several hours later - still no active, online and running service.

I have keept all logs and emails as proof!

As a result I cancelled the service and asked for a refund.
Carat Network cancelled the order and issued a refund. I will follow up on this to see I do recive my money back and state it here later if that happens.

I strongly advice other customers to look for other providers and see what they offer and their conditions, before signing up at Carat Networks.

Despite they claim to have many customers, I know for a fact that there are others and more reliable providers out there, that do value new customers higher.

My experience with Carat Network is really bad and I will never return to them again as a customer.


Under al kritik - uspiseligt mad

Ikke en gang en hund ville spise det dette pizzaria leverede den 3. november 2012!!!

Denne anmeldelse omhandler:
Ordre nr. 20126289

Dejen var ikke færdig - dvs. ikke gennembagt. Fyldet/Kebab-kødet + pølser var brændt, de var helt sorte!!!

Der var bestilt ekstra dressing som tilbehør, dette blev ikke leveret - såvel som hverken chili eller hvidløg indgik i leveringen.

Mit råd er at finde et andet sted, da det her handler om tillid, specielt da "varen" faktisk er fødevarer - altså mad som du skal spise.

Det var simpelthen uspiseligt! Jeg er dybt skuffet og at have spildt mine penge, og det står lysende klart at kvaliteten er helt i bund.

Hold jer langt væk fra denne butik!!!!

Jeg kan absolut IKKE anbefale denne butik, og foreslår at man søger andre muligheder.

Serviceniveauet er helt nede i knæhøjde, og er under al kritik.

Jeg bestillte en BlackBerry Playbook 32GB via deres hjemmeside, hvor forventede levering af netop denne vare, stod angivet til mellem 1-3 hverdage. (Jeg har screenshots af oplyste tider på deres hjemmeside)

Jeg kontakter butikken via mail, da oplyste forventede leveringstidspunkt var overskredet. Fik aldrig svar. Herefter lagde jeg en "offline" besked via deres chat på deres side.

Svaret gengives her:

Hej John.

Ved ikke hvilken mail du henviser til.
Jeg har annulleret dit køb, da jeg ikke længere kan skaffe den bestilte varer.

Venlig Hilsen / Best Regards / Kær Kveðja
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Den bestilte vare var en påtænkt fødselsdagsgave til vores datter på 9 år.

Naturligvis vil jeg sikre at betalingen blokeres fra bankens side af, således at det ikke er muligt at hæve beløbet - til trods for at de oplyser at købet er annulleret.

Jeg har intet tilovers for deres måde at behandle kunder på, og fraråder derfor alle at foretage deres online-køb via deres shop.

Med venlig hilsen
John Hansen


HOAX, installs wrong drivers

I payed for this programme, and trusted that it indeed was good and worthy...

But no...

It installs and suggests you wrong drivers, often not signed.

Do no use this software for your driver needs...

There are others out there, much better thant this one!


Ingen varer modtaget

I en tid hvor konkurrence er essentielt, må man i sandhed sige at Budgrow ikke er sin opgave voksen.
Jeg har bestilt varer som jeg ikke har modtaget, efterfølgende skrevet til Budgrow - og her lovede man at fremsende samme dag.


No Delivery, No Delivery Date etc...

I have had quite alot of problems with this web-shop! First I didn't recieve any order confirmation. They don't answer the phones, and not even emails!
As a customer you at least exspect an order confirmation along with an estimated time for delivery.
2 weeks have gone now, and the owner is still not able to give me a delivery date!!
I will update the story here within a few days...

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BG Support

Mangler stadig en slange, til trods for 6 tilsendte e-mails

Har indkøbt en del varer til en samlet pris af 6700 kr, der blevet leveret ganske hurtigt, og acceptabelt. Men efter butikken har modtaget sin betaling, og til trods for utallige henvendelser om at der mangler en slange i et komplet "sæt", er der ingen reaktion fra butikkens side af.
Jeg har opgivet at bøvle mere med dem, og har valgt selv at indkøbe den manglende slange.

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I'm really pissed and angry about the poor customer service provides