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Lovely to be able to voice opinions

How nice to be able to tell other people how good or how bad a company is. Also wonderful to be able to check a place out before you part with hard earned cash.
I must use it more often!


Dead on arrival

I have used e flowers a few times and not had any problems I fact I told my sister in law about them and I got flowers from her today for my birthday. However I bought flowers for my sister a few weeks ago and when they arrived they were mostly dead. The heads were off some. My sister would never have told me and she lives a long way from me so I did not see the flowers. My mum visited her and she told me how bad they were. I complained and got a lovely reply asking for a photo of the flowers. My mum is in her 80s and my sister doesn't have a camera phone. They did try to get a photo emailed to me but they are not good with technology and I never got it. Eflowers said they would send a replacement. They even told me the day it would arrive. It never did. I emailed them but did not get a reply. Today when my flowers arrived I thought they had made a mistake and sent them to me. No they are just ignoring me. My flowers look wilted but I'm hoping they pick up. I will not use them again not will my family or friends.

Since the review above I got the reply from eflowers. NO I have not had satisfaction. NOTHING at all had happened since my complaint. Honestly! Don't go near this company. My sister in law bought me flowers as I said earlier but also ordered some on the same day for a friend. They never arrived. She's looking into it. I told her good luck she'll need it.

13 March 2014

Reply from eFlorist

Dear Debussycat,

Thank you for your comments. We are very sorry to hear of your disappointment with the flowers delivered. This is not the level of service we expect to provide and we are therefore keen to investigate and make amends where necessary.

In light of this we can see that you have contacted our Customer Service team and we trust that the resolution was satisfactory.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards

Strings Direct

Good quick service

They are always very prompt with deliveries and items are good quality for the price.


Asda gets better and better

I shop at lots of different stores and so far Asda is my favourite overall. I think Morrisons just pips it for food freshness and quality but Asda is a nicer shop as it also has clothes. The staff are beyond compare. They are always polite and make you feel important. Well done Asda


Good but expensive

Sky is very good and I love the way it records and stores stuff. I can get an email at work about a programme I might like and then set it to record ready to watch when I get home. Overall its ace, but really expensive and I dont like the way they buy up sports events and then people have to pay for them. I dont like sports but my elderly and cash stort neighbours do. They are upset that they can not afford to watch their teams play or watch fights or most of the grand prix anymore. It does put me off sky a bit and I feel guilty for subscribing to such a huge powerful company.

Saved me many a time when I've forgotten birthdays!

Moonpig is expensive, but very handy to have a little money in there for times when you just dont have time to time to shop for a card and post it. I keep £20 in there for this purpose. I would recomend this, also their reminder service is very good.
Since the review above I have used it many more times. I took pictures of my family on the beach last summer and uploaded one to moonpig. Then while still on the beach sent a postcard to everyone back home. This cost about the same as a nice postcard and stamp. Amazing ! Did you know you can send cards abroad just as easily as to the uk? It's a really good service. I've got many of my friends and family hooked now too. Keep up the good work moonpig!


Where are the humans

I wanted to tell BT that I was moving to a new office and needed to have the phone taken out of the old office. I held on for 5 hours trying to talk to a human. All I got was the same message over and over that they were very busy and I was in a queue. When I got through to someone it was the wrong department and then when I was being transferred they cut me off! I gave up, wrote to them and just cancelled the direct Debit. Let them find me if I owe anything. Very Very bad for a Telephone company. I have been a BT Customer for 40 years but I might change soon.

Mazuma Mobile

Very easy and quick.

This is the second time I've used the service. I would use it again.


Very good food

I would never ever buy fish from anywhere else. It is always so good, fresh and tasty. The meat is the cheapest around and always nice. The fruit and veg are displayed well and nice and fresh. The bread is lovely, in fact you can safely buy all your food from here and be very happy. If you are on a budget it is a good store to shop in as there are no clothes to tempt or tease you either and the cafe is good value to eat in. Try the afternoon teas, really good value.
Overall lovely.


Poor quality

Fun to look around but beware. The goods do not last long at all, fit badly and the queues are horrible. The stupid paper bags fall to bits on the way home and the jewellery is often broken before you even wear it. For the price George is way better value. I think primark is mainly a young persons store. Even then my 15 year old is often disapointed with the stuff she buys. Its a junk shop really.


Interesting good quality foods

The food is usually good quality, but not always available. I have several items that I bought, loved and never saw again. Very annoying. I would not recomend this store to an elderly person as they throw the goods at you on the checkout and then you have to pack it in bags afterwards. All a bit of a rush. You load the trolley, then put it on the checkout, then load it in the trolley, then load it in the bags, then the car and then unpack it all at home. A Lot of work, but if you are young and fit and like to check out all the offers (different ones each week) give Aldi a go.


Good products

Vista print is easy and not bad value. Be careful what you choose, read the proofs over and over to make sure it is correct and watch for the postage and packing charges. Pay pal payments make it the check out very convenient. I find the website a bit annoying sometimes though. Once you have a template it becomes easy to order more items.
Overall very good though for business and home use.

Nothing to beat it.

I love Play. It is always good value and I dont even check other sites now.


Good to glance at now and then

I have the regular emails, but have not used much of the information myself. I have however passed the info on to friends and family who have been very glad of it. Everyone should get the emails and have a quick look, you never know what might be useful.



Pay pal can be used for a lot more than just Ebay. I use it more and more, but there have been problems. Use with caution.


Very poor indeed

Tesco used to be my favourite store. No so any more. The stores are big and unfriendly, the staff are often rude and not interested. They do not care a jot about anything other than making money. The customer services is horrible. I only use the petrol station as it is convenient and the store less and less even though it is only 5 mins away from my home. Asda is best for service and the staff are beyond compare. Morrisons staff are nice and the food is excellent. Badly done Tesco

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