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Avoid like the plague

We moved back to BT for our business line in January this year. It is safe to say it was the worst business decision we have ever made. Every month has been a hassle to adminster the bill - half a day wasted every month.

a) it's almost impossible to speak to customer services, when you do, they laugh at you or call you a liar.

b) they charge you for paper billing, but then don't set up the online account properly

c) because you're unable to access the online account, you incur late payment charges

d) they don't allow you to check data of excessive charges online, but you have to wait 2 weeks for a paper copy - thus incurring even more late charges

e) when you try to download a VAT invoice, the system won't allow it because it says you have paper billing (we don't)

f) when you want to notify them of a payment, in order to avoid any more late payment charges, there's an internal systems error and you can't tell anyone.... at this stage, see point a) and begin again.

g) want to complain? They make it so convoluted and frustrating, I imagine most people give up - not that that's their plan of course!

I would never use BT again, and as soon as I can afford their astronomical early termination fees I will cancel our contract and never ever use them again. I'm just so glad I didn't move from Virgin Media to BT at home!

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