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Furniture At Work™ (Furniture@Work Ltd)

Never again! Shocking customer service.

On October 24th, 2013 we ordered some items from Furniture @ Work with a 7-day delivery option.

We were sent a pro-forma invoice for the items, which we promptly paid. Despite being paid in full, they still chased us for payment. We should have known then thatFurniture@Work are not the most organised! Having finally resolved the payment dispute (after several calls, emails and letters) we waited for our goods to be delivered.

In December we were informed that they did not have all the items in stock, hence the delay in despatch. We requested delivery of the items that they had in stock and a refund for the items that they could not fulfil. We received part payment and was told that the rest of the items were despatched.

By the END of December we still had no items. We chased them up again, only to be told that it was already delivered. By January we finally gave up and decided to cancel the order. Only then did they send us a delivery note, which showed that they had delivered the item to the wrong business!

We asked them to rectify this, but instead we were told that we would need to pay for the collection of the item and re-delivery, despite the fact that it was not our fault.

After several calls, emails and letters we decided to request a refund, which we still haven't received.

This is possibly the worst post-sales support we have ever had. I would advise other companies to use them with caution, or not use them at all!


LoveFilm Instant Review

We signed up to LoveFilm Instant last night, and I have never dealt with a company that successfully managed to get me to sign up and cancel my account within 5 minutes.

I decided to signup to their Instant service, since we use an XBox for most of our entertainment, such as music, etc. They had a nice offer (3 months for £4.99) so we decided to give it a try.

Firstly, the frustration started with their website: it was slow as hell, and we had to try to sign up three times. This was partly down to poor design ( I am a software developer, so I do this for living... ).

Then, after they took payment, we discovered that the Instant service doesn't have a fraction of the videos available to what's advertised. It has a very limited selection.

Next was the XBox app: terrible! It is really slow, and no matter what we searched for, the results kept on returning "LOST" for some unknown reason. Lost indeed.

The only reason we decided to try this again was because it is an Amazon company. But I fear that they do not share the same quest for quality service:
when I commented about the service on their Facebook account, they simply deleted it. No effort was made to engage with the customer.

We used to use their DVD service a few years ago, and that was good, but the Instant account is a total waste of money.

I would not recommend this service to my worst enemy.

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Believe the majority: DPD is useless

So I ordered something online and paid the extra for a next-day delivery.

My allocated slot was between 14:00 and 15:00. No parcel, no calling card. We've all heard this story with DPD before, so I'll spare you the details.

After trying to contact them via email and phone (without response) I managed to track down the local depot where the parcel was returned to.

It was 18:08 when I called. Guess what? I was greeted my a phone message that welcomed me, then it told be that the office is now closed since it's past 18:30.

Well, if a courrier company can't even get times right, how do we expect them to get a delivery address right?

So now I'm stuck with no calling card reference, and very little hope of arranging a pickup at the depot.

Really poor service. Please don't use them, since it will be like gambling with your consignment.

FORGOT TO ADD: I was home the whole day, and no one bothered to call or knock on my door.

16 May 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Gerhard.
I have already replied to your email. The parcel was delivered and signed for by the concierge at your block of flats. Was everything okay?

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