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Good service overall

Very good company.
Quality of protein is ok/good, I am used to Optimum nutrition and just the blend seems below their standard.
My problem was the flavour, I ordered unflavoured (my fault) and it is so bad.

Would probably use again as it is very good value


Awful scammers

Terrible newspaper, scam you


Worst company

Rip off, awful products, now just copy other companies, no innovation



just stop with all the popups


Great honest, reliable company

Used your fifa and GTA V deals and have to say I am very impressed! Had to rate you 5* as a thanks. Will be using again. Cheers.


Great if you ask me

Wow, never expected so many negative reviews. Ok they aren't the fastest delivery service but they are the cheapest. Have been very reliable when I have used them! Have sent TV's and laptops, no problem even though they aren't allowed. No problems at all. Dropped a star due to their recent price increase


Good when it works

Great site, well made. However, companies can claim against all reviews that don't put an order number! Seems bonkers as most won't take the time to come back to update proof!

17 September 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi James,

Thanks for using Trustpilot and posting all your reviews.

We know you have a point that not everyone we ask for proof of purchase will reply to us, however since Trustpilot is an open platform where everyone can read and write reviews about the companies they buy from, we need to have a way to ensure the quality of the reviews, and make sure users can trust the reviews they read are written by real customers of the company. This is why we provide an option to report a review that may not follow our review guidelines or could be written by someone, who can't be identified as a real customer.

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Good instore customer service, website is appauling

Dislike the functionalities of the website. Looks very outdated, they need a new site. Logging in is hard worth with awful password system!


Slow service in store. Prices are not competitive

Definitely not somewhere I shop often, however was surprised to see how many people actually in the store! Very busy despite the poor prices on most items.


The most trusted internet sales company

Very fair prices on 80% of items. Faultless service. Could have a better telephone sales team. Other than than, fantastic.


Very good to be honest

Don't understand the poor reviews. I have found their internet is the best of any service provider. Their customer service has always been outstanding compared to other mobile phone providers. Would recommend.

Nigel O'Hara Diamond Jewellers

Very poor company. POOR customer service

Ordered a watch that was out of stock, they didn't tell me anything. I had to call up and find out myself where my order was. They agreed they would refund me and email confirmation confirmed that it would be in my account within 48 hours. 48 hours later, no refund. Forced to call again and they say there is delays in their refunds and should be refunded in the next 48 hours. Very poor company, will never deal with again!

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Useless internet provider.

WOULDN'T recommend. All customer service enquiries go to India. Useless internet speeds. Stick to BT, they are the best from consistency.


Very poor customer service, good product

Customer service is terrible. Replies take forever and sometimes no replies.
Product good however.
Wouldn't use again.

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