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Car Audio Centre

Avoid - an unreliable company

The product I bought from Car Audio Centre was poor quality and wasn't even close to being as described - the marketing material significantly inflated it and made it out to be something that it wasn't. It was delivered 11 weeks after I ordered it, with only 1 update received during that time. I returned it for a refund which, after several weeks, I noticed still hadn't been processed. I had to phone and e-mail multiple times to chase this up and, when the refund was put through, it was for the wrong amount. Cue even more chasing, ultimately without any result. There were a string of broken promises from Car Audio Centre along the way - I would phone them and speak to someone who would promise that they would go over to the refunds department and arrange the refund, but then nothing would happen. Or I'd phone them and be told that my refund and had "now been authorised" but, again, nothing would happen. Or my e-mails would go completely unanswered, even though they were to a named person who I'd spoken with on the phone. On top of this, the product had taken over 2 months to arrive, with just one update received during that time. All-in-all, a very poor experience - based on my experience, Car Audio Centre genuinely doesn't seem to care about its customers.


3 good orders out of 3 - all great

I've placed 3 orders with Interflora, once in 2010, once in 2011 and once in 2013. Each order was for Mother's Day, which is probably one of the busiest periods, and they were delivered to three different towns.
All three orders arrived on the correct day, absolutely fine, and the recipient was really pleased with the flowers they received.
I had second thoughts about placing the most recent order, having read the other reviews, but I'm so glad I did and I'd definitely use Interflora again. It seems like when Interflora goes wrong, it goes very wrong, but this has never happened to me (touch wood) - though I'd be upset if it did!
The order form can be a little confusing (you need to be careful where to provide recipient details and where to provide your own details, otherwise the recipient will receive the confirmation messages instead of you!).


Seriously worrying - avoid

I ordered a decal and Moskys took over 1 month to deliver it - no updates were received in that time, and there was no warning prior to ordering that it would take so long. Worse still, the P&P they had charged was about 3 times the true cost.
The product itself was very low quality, creased and wrinkled, and came with no instructions, and couldn't be used.
They don't provide any returns info; don't have an e-mail address; their phone line redirects to a mailbox; and they didn't reply to any of the messages I left or sent via their website.
After returning the product, they didn't issue a refund and didn't reply to any of my messages chasing it up.
In other words, they just took my money and ran.
I've opened a case with Trading Standards - hopefully they can take action against Moskys to stop this happening.


Not too confident in their order handling

I placed an order to sell my phone via the Fonebank website as they seemed to accept a wider range of handsets than some other sites, offered a BACS payment option and provided a Freepost service.

I packaged my phone as described and sent it off. The process was fairly simple (you print out a sheet and enclose it with the handset). Note that Fonebank doesn't provide envelopes.

Unfortunately, for the next two weeks I received 3 reminder e-mails asking me to post my phone, which I'd already done. I assumed that Fonebank was being slow in processing it. Eventually I received an e-mail to say that my phone hadn't been received. I replied to say that I had sent it. The next day I received an automated e-mail to say that my phone had been checked and accepted, and that BACS payment would happen the next day, and it did.

I have a feeling that my phone became lost during the processing/checking stage, which was a worry and didn't inspire confidence, although everything else in the process seemed to work well, so I'd recommend Fonebank if you're prepared to take that risk.

Mazuma Mobile

Very impressive!

Based on my first experience of dealing with them, I would strongly recommend Mazuma over all of the other companies that buy mobile phones. Why? 1) They pay the whole amount quoted or else return your phone, so they don't take your phone then make you a lower offer like some others do 2) They are very quick (cash reached my bank account less than 24 hours after posting!) 3) They go about things in a fair, transparent and very easy way - e.g. they send you a pack to return your phone, they e-mail you a reminder, they apply common sense and flexibility about the deadlines.

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