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Chitter Chatter

Terrible company, awful customer service and fake cashback deals - AVOID!

I'm writing this review a couple of months after my purchase as I've tried to give this company a fair time to resolve the issues.

I ordered an Iphone 5 from them, having had the payment taken I was advised of a delivery date. Then later I was told it would be another day.
Having changed plans to wait in for the delivery date nothing had come by the time they said it would (1pm). They then emailed me that day to say it would be delivered within the next 7 days!

I tried contacting them through there telephone customer support and was angry as to why I wasn't told the day before that it wouldn't be delivered, obviously if it's being sent by royal mail and it hasn't been sent by the end of the day it wont arrive the following day. The woman on the phone couldn't even comprehend this and was more than useless which angered me more as there's enough competent people in the doll drums that could easily have provided a more reassuring answer.

Anyway having not heard anything for the next 7 days I again contacted and was told it would be delivered the following day, in fairness it did actually arrive on the third planned delivery date (although late).

So I then thought this would be the end of the problems with them, however claiming the cashback from the phone has been a major hassle.
I've kept all documents both with chitter chatter and T-Mobile and have adhered to all the terms and conditions.
However when I went to claim the cashback it wasn't possible, they had declined the transaction by either pretending I had returned the phone or used a promotion code, which I hadn't.
Then after months of waiting they have now acknowledged that I have indeed stuck to the terms and conditions and I am owed the cashback however they've now decided that i'm owed £1 cashback rather than the £40 they owe me.
Having used cashback deals from many of there competitors I know it can sometimes be a little tricky however I've never had a company wrongly decline a claim so that they can try a cheap out on paying what they owe, absolute pirates.

In short if you value your time at even a £1 an hour then go elsewhere, they're not even that cheap and I know that for the recent contracts I've upgraded I wouldn't even give chitter chatter a second thought, not sure how there business model is sustainable but it certainly isn't one for repeat business!


Great prices and great service :).

I ordered from inkfactory.com after seeing an item that was cheaper there than any where else!

The whole shopping experience was good, the website was easy to navigate and so was payment process. The items were delivered very quickly and all are of satisfactory quality.

I would definitely recommend and will be using this company again! 10/10!


No item as of yet but an email to say they are trying to source the item.

I bought an item from thehut.co.uk after seeing a really good price for the item, I had previously never used them and was slightly skeptical as i'd heard some bad reviews.

Four working days after I purchased the item I received an email saying that they were having stock problems and are trying to source the item from there suppliers.
I am doubtful as to whether I will receive the item now as the price was a fair bit cheaper than any where else.

Overall experience hasn't been great, however to be fair they haven't taken payment yet, and they have made an attempt to keep me informed.

Depending on whether the item is delivered and when the review will improve, still undecided whether i'd order from thehut.co.uk again.


All ok :)

Ordered several items on Sunday and they arrived on Thursday.
I paid extra for 1st class delivery and annoyingly they weren't dispatched until Wednesday but they all arrived intact and well packaged within a reasonable timescale.
Ordering was easy and the prices of the items were very competitive.
Would use again :)


Very good service and easy to use :-).

Used on several occasions and always been problem free, used mainly for the TNT service which you can book up until midday which helps as most you have to wait in the whole day.

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