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Pointless Delivery Order

I have ordered flowers on Saturday for Mothers day (that is different date to the original as I'm not from UK) as it was the first flower delivery I saw online to be delivering on Sundays. I order flowers to be delivered before 12 noon as My mum leaves to work in the afternoon, I have planed to make a surprise, and paid a lot more than usually flowers would cost. (I considered it was because they deliver on sundays) I was shocked when no one arrived and no one contacted me to apologized that the flowers will be delivered later than what I have paid to be delivered. Well I understand that traffic is not their fault but they were so late, traffic can not cause 4 hour delay, its just bad management, not enough staff provided to deliver the service that the customers are paying for. Its a rip off! So I was concerned what happened why I wasn't contacted and why isn't the flowers still delivered, so went online and checked my email,- NO EMAIL WHAT SO EVER, then, got my order number and phoned shop to find out my self what's the problem. The lady didn't seem that she had to apologize on behalf of the company, she have just said the reason that the driver is running late and that I should wait for them they should be no longer than an hour.
The outcome was that the flowers did arrive an hour later, but my mum was no longer at home, paid a lot for delivery that wasn't even used, it then disappointed my £40 flower bunch that looked like a £10 pot... Totally disappointed, never ordering from them again, and will try to avoid companies that has bad reviews. Will say to all of the people I know about this company how they didn't feel any responsibility to refund the money or offer complementary flowers to cover whats been their fault. No guilt what so ever! Discussed!!

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