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Dino PC


Came when they said, was well packaged, kept me updated, product was what I wanted, extremely competitively priced. What more could I have wanted? I was sceptical due to all the other reviews... but I rolled the dice and I am not regretting it... they are in a minority... Trust me, none of the things that they are complaining about happened to me and Dinopc kept me informed every step of the way. I'm extremely happy with my purchase. I would recommend them. :D


Don't read other reviews... please...

Hi! When I did research my pc I was in two minds to go completely custom, barebones or fully built. With this is in mind I hunted across many different sites. And came across Dinopc.com. It looked great, extremely competitive prices, easy to use site, great customisability. What more could I want? I was very tempted to buy there and then. Then did some research. There were a lot of positive reviews but, there were also many negative reviews. I really was tempted not to buy from them. Close to almost spending a lot more on the same thing. But. The price pulled me in, and I am happy it did XD From what I saw online the delivery record wasn't great so I decided I'd give them a few days extra just in case something went wrong before purchasing. One thing which doesn't come up until you are at the checkout is an additional packaging cost, which is understanding as the product was extremely well packaged. I think I would have preferred it if they were more upfront with this but I can understand why they do it. I did finally order it and it came exactly when they said it would. Well packaged, quick delivery, what more could I want? A working computer? Yes. I was very cautious when opening it up, just in case it wasn't all working. I set it up and, wow. It worked. Going from using a laptop (as a desktop) using a desktop pc with an ssd... literally no comparison. Windows turned and was running in 8 seconds. On desktop in 8 seconds. Normally I'd never turn my laptop off (hibernate) because the turn off times are so long... now, I really don't mind... it's about 15 seconds restart time. Also tested the beast out on battlefield 3. Now that was a new experience. Mind blowing... literally, going from min graphics 640x 480 to that. No words would describe it. It was literally the smoothest pc experience I've had... and for once I was restricted to min graphics to get a smooth fps...

Yeah... enough of my rant... Literally... DINOPC is GREAT! EXTREMELY well priced, tell you what's going on each step of the way and also give you exactly what you want! USE THEM!

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