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Impossible to find fault

Excellent quality, lightning delivery. ProCook has to be one of the 'net's top retailers and is a credit to everyone involved.


Rubbish in most regards

I have my groceries delivered by Tesco and you couldn't want a better bunch of friendly and helpful guys. Shame the rest of the company isn't like that. I actually feel sorry when I ring Dundee to complain, which is at least once a month and could be more if I really could be bothered, because I'm sure they have the worst job in British industry.

Every week there are cock-ups. They run out of stuff all the time, especially stuff on special offer, and they don't use their heads when it comes to substitutions. It is particularly irritating for me since I have been housebound for the past five months, and it seems impossible for them to understand that, say, a loaf of bread with a two-day life is not much use to me when I can't get out to buy more.

The world's third largest retailer must be able to do better than this.

The Tapas Lunch Company

Good quality food, website could do with work.

As a shopping website it is a bit amateurish, but although the proprietors keep non-internet hours they do get back to you.

The food quality, from what I've had so far, is very good, and delivery is fast - if pricey.

All in all they do well and I will almost certainly order from them again.

Lack of communication loses points

I tried a few cheap items from Wheesh as a test, and was glad I hadn't spent much money.

They were late despatching, which was probably the fault of their suppliers, but they failed to let me know after all their boasts of next-day delivery. And their website was non-functional during the weekend so my attempts to chase up my goods failed.

There are plenty of suppliers out there who can provide a service which works, so bye-bye Wheesh.

Dino PC

Not happy

I ordered a PC from Dino Pc which was, according to them, rated at 4.3Ghz. However every test I've run on it suggests that the real clock speed is 3.3Ghz. On querying this I was given the runaround and my complaint was never followed through.

No complaints about the build or the delivery, although the latter is needlessly expensive, but customer service could do with a reboot.

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