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Foie Gras

We are all compelled to pay for BBC output via the tv licence. I do feel therefore that the BBC has some obligation to take account of the moral majority. Recently, however, in their BBC 2 programme the Great British Menu they twice featured the barbaric French product in what is supposed to be a British menu. Foie Gras is illegal to produce in this country because all Governments deem the cruelty underlying it's production to be cruel. Organisations like the RSPCA and Compassion for World Farming are seeking to have it banned at European level. And yet the BBC is happy to be seen to be promoting this barbaric product. It only carries on being produced because of the difficulties of getting changes to Free Trade Laws where the lowest common denominator of ethical standards are allowed to continue. And we all now how the French like to be French !


Excellent Service

My ancient washing machine finally had to be scrapped due to unavailability of spare parts. The speed at which BG sent me my discount voucher to offset the purchase of a new machine and terminated my maintenance agreement on the machine was very impressive.


Rewarding Loyalty

Like many others I always get annoyed when companies offer deals for new customers that are not available to existing customers. But TalkTalk have recently allowed me to benefit from their concessionary broadband rate ahead of my scheduled contract period and sent me a new router because my current one seems to play up occasionally.


Stocks Goodlife vegetarian products

And surprisingly at reasonable prices.


Great value

And good options for vegetarians but I wish they did not change their stock so often just as you get use to something.


Something for everyone

Great online recycling service :-)


Piggy in the middle

Having communication problems re. switching savings accounts. Was given wrong information by call centre and told to go to branch that day. Arrived at branch and told I need to make an appointment. Complained to customer service and told I was given wrong information by call centre about the need to visit branch that day. Following week made an appointment through call centre to see branch. Arrive at branch to be told person is ill and appointment should not have been made. Ask to see manager who sorts out one switch but tells me I need to ask for the other to be done centrally. Get home and see letter says second switch can be done at branch. My two new accounts have been created and appear on my online banking with zero balances but was not sure by who and when the first transfer will be done and online transfer facility not yet giving me the option to transfer to the new accounts. Asked Call Centre for branch manager to ring me to tell me who was doing first tranfer but no response after three days. Popped into branch to leave note and bumped into manager who said it can take up to 15 days for call centre requests to be passed onto the branch but that the first transfer was "probably" being done by them but I still do not know when. Second switch does not come into effect until the end of the month so currently not an issue. Have told customer service I think their call centre/branch interfaces are not good but no reaction and I am still in the dark as to when my first switch is going to be made.

Just checking my online statements every few days to see if the transfer has been made or not. Feeling like the piggy in the middle.

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Ex public sector accountant/management analyst/whistleblower. Member of Vegan Society and Badger Trust. Supporter of Secret World Animal Sanctuary and Water Aid. Community volunteer and social but very competitive table-tennis player.