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Stoneacre Motor Group


Bought a car from these jokers . £ 6995 , upped to £8495 on agreement with a cost of over £4000 for the credit and no money given for part exchange . Why the hell i signed i'll never know as my mind was screaming at me to get up and leave . I suppose having a baby 2 weeks ago and hardly any sleep helped matters . The salesman told us that after signing there was no cooling off period . When myself and my partner got home we just sat in numb silence before both realising what a mistake we had made £ 50 a week for 5 years for a car that already had warning lights flashing after a 2 mile return home and the bonnet release handle snapped off and in the glove box. I looked at this site before getting on the phone to Stoneacre to voice my concerns and was nearly sick after reading these reviews . To my dismay, i was treated as expected and told the car was now mine and basically " tough " . After a sleepless night of worry we got up in the morning and thought we'd phone the finance company to see if there was anything they could do . Within 5 minutes i was told that the finance agreement had been received but not yet paid out and until it had it could be stopped . I asked the very nice Gentleman if he could do just that as i was on the phone and he said he could, and did . I phoned Stoneacre and told them this and was told that it had been signed and they had received the payment so the car was ours. I then rephoned the finance company and spoke to the same person who informed me that it had not been paid , they wouldn't pay as we were unhappy, we were entitled to return the car with no financial penalty . Stoneacre were just trying to Stonewall us until it had been signed off , they had received payment and there was really no way out. It gave me immense pleasure to return that car and be given back the keys to my tatty Astra ( which i actually kissed and greeted like an old betrayed friend ) . None of the salesmen had smiles for me i can tell you . Please don't believe them when they say you can't change your mind and if you are crazy enough to purchase on finance from these jokers, please, please , please take the paperwork home overnight or at least for an hour and seriously mull it over as i doubt you will sign it after a thorough read . I will now drive my Astra until she gives up the ghost and love every minute .

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