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Dreadful service - mortgage and savings

Why I keep setting up accounts with this company I do not know.. sometimes the best rate isn't worth the pain.

We applied for a mortgage earlier in the year on the advice of our broker who said it would take 3-4 weeks. It took nearly 2 months and involved the most tedious process - request after request for more information. Everything got lost and had to be submitted again, further requests for information..... we were tearing our hair out. I would not apply for another mortgage with them again on this basis.

I also have a business account with them - I recently moved and wanted to inform them of my new address. I couldn't do it online so phoned up - apparently they can't do this over the phone so I had to drive to a branch, armed with lots of paper and fill in a form... what is the point of internet banking when you have to go to a branch to inform them of an address change????

I also stupidly set up a savings account as the rate was good. Every time I set up a new payment from the account they freeze the account, nobody calls you and the only way you find out is when you try to log on and find your account has been suspended. You then have to go through two rounds of security questions to get it unblocked. I keep complaining but never get a explanation as to why their 'security system' blocks my account every time I try to pay a new person.

They have recently implemented additional log on security, you get sent a transaction code to your mobile in order to make a new payment yet this is apparently still not secure enough so they freeze your account...... grrrrr.

I think I'll move - I used to be with CTI who are brilliant..the best online account I've ever had.. shame their rates drop after the intro period.


Good service, product range could include more contemporary designs

Recently had a new front door fitted. I phoned up and the local agent visited. He didn't have any samples on him and only had a basic brochure (there is more info on the website). We were looking for something more contemporary but all the doors are quite traditional. There was also no choice of door accessory styles (knockers, handles etc) so I had to order my own knocker from another supplier. As I'd done some research I'd come to the conclusion that most suppliers stock the same products from the same manufacturers so there were no real options within our price range.

The order was taken and door fitted two weeks later. The agent did a good job and was curteous and polite. I did ask about a different locking mechanism - the standard fitting allows the door to be opened from the outside and I wanted one that prevents this. I wasn't told about these options but the chap said he could come back and fit the mechanism - 3 months later I haven't heard from him again. I also asked him to quote for a bathroom window which I've never heard about so had to find another supplier.

So in summary:

Positive - prompt service, good job done at fitting into a tricky space

Negative - after sales follow up, lack of contemporary options and door fittings


Cheap but you get what you pay for

Ordered a load of voile blinds for the new house. They had a reasonable selection of fabrics to chose from and they were made up to my exact measurements and arrived within a few weeks.

On the negative side, the quality of the chain roller mechanism is poor - quite stiff and jerky and feels 'cheap'. One of the chains was broken on arrival and I had to phone 3 times to request a replacement.

I subsequently ordered two more blinds from another retailer - twice as expensive but the quality is so much better.

So if you are looking for cheap blinds and don't want to keep pulling them up and down this is a good option. If the blinds are going to be used a lot I'd go for a better quality product.

I'm giving them 4 stars on the basis that they are cheap so for the price I guess the quality is appropriate.


Lovely range but often out of stock

I love the product range and would have bought a lot more stuff for my new house if any of it had been in stock. I think G&G are a victim of their own success - lovely items, very popular so always out of stock... please please get your forecasting sorted out!

I received the summer catalogue the other week and found a lovely shelf that would have been perfect. When I went online to order it it wasn't there. I phoned up to be told it wasn't going to be in stock until July so they had taken it off the website.

I can't be the only frustrated customer - please order greater quantities from your suppliers!


Great pies, huge chunks of meat

I love a good pie and discovered these a few years ago at my local farm shop. Every one we have tried has been wonderful - the pies are crammed full of huge chunks of meat. Our favourites are the steak and ale, peppered steak and chicken & ham. The chicken really tastes of roast chicken although there could be more ham if I'm being picky. I also think the pastry would be better if made purely with butter.

There are lots of varieties but often the retailers only stock a small selection. If you have the freezer space its best to buy online - you have to buy a minimum of 6 I think but as they are not widely available outside of fancy delis and farm shops it worth bulk buying.

Definitely the best ready made pie I've tasted so far.

Good selection although website not always up to date

Have ordered a few things from Wayfair and they have arrived very promptly. I did try searching for a few other things (bathroom furniture/accessories) on their website only to discover that they don't actually sell the items - you can locate them using the menus and it shows pictures with the number of relevant items in brackets. When you click on it there is nothing there. I phoned up and was told that they don't sell the items.... managed to waste half an hour.

Bathroom Trends

Good selection of items but delivery tardy

Ordered a light pull switch but a week and a half later it hadn't arrived. Sent a chaser email which they did reply to and subsequently despatched the item - got the impression the order had been forgotten about. Not one of the cheaper internet suppliers but a good selection of stock.

QS Supplies

Good value but customer service could be more polite

I recently ordered some bathroom supplies. I was able to order several weeks in advance of the required delivery and specify a delivery date. When the delivery week arrived I phoned on the Monday (as requested by previous agent) to confirm delivery for Thurs which was agreed. The next day part of the order arrived (good job I was in as I wasn't expecting it). I phoned up to ask why this had happend and felt that the agent was rather offhand with me (said it came from a different supplier and gave no explanation when asked as to why I hadn't been informed of this). The rest of the order arrived on the agreed date.

However one of the items was not as expected so I had to phone up again - I explained to the agent that the bath waste was described as chrome on the website and included a photo of a chrome waste. I actually received a plastic one which looked awful and nothing like the picture. The agent just said I had probably received the right thing and to email support. I asked if he could help me chose a different waste but he said to follow the link in the support email (not helpful so had to spend ages figuring out what to order). Support contacted me and told me to send it back (at my expense as it turns out).

Nearly every time I have spoken to customer service I have not been overly impressed with the attitude of their staff - offhand, indifferent, felt like I was asking stupid questions.

On the plus side they are one of the cheaper internet suppliers - you just don't get a top quality customer service experience.

I would rate them a 5 on price and 2-3 on service.

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