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Life changing

Does everything and more that you expect.

Yale door

More than I expected

Great service, great people, delivered and fitted quicker than I was expecting.

Mother in law has now ordered a Yale Door with Keyfree.

I am thinking about buying the upgrade!!


Very safe, very convenient, but seriously expensive

As with most things, if you find a convenience they are always really expensive.

However, dont leave funds in the account. If ebay unilaterally decide to uphold a spurious claim from a buyer then Paypal will just take the money from you without permission.


Reliable, but dodgy delivery charge scamming

Is it really worth Amazon trying to scam customers with an over-riding delivery charge. It seems designed to confuse, but when its complete all you get is bigger bill to Amazon.

Go back to keeping it simple.


Wow, so little is so filling

I have been using Graze boxes for a week now. They have completely changed my eating habits. I am using the boost box, at first you look at it and think 'oh, dear - is that it' - but actually it is really filling and does give you loads of energy.

Fantastic value.


Ebay just sent my home address to a buyer

I have been an ebayer for 10 years, have 100% feedback. When i sold a computer on there recently the buyer decided that they wanted to send it back. The machine worked and was fine, the buyer even said that they had used it. When i said i didnt want it back an ebay case was opened up and some faceless nameless person at ebay decided that they were empowered to make a decision over whether they were entitled to send it back and for me to give the money back. They then automatically gave my address details to the buyer!! Apparently its in their terms, absolutely no data protection!

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I work for the collections department in a local authority.