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As the first negative review seems only to make it an average score I thought it necessary to give it 1 star..

However, for now I would say it is 2.5 stars.

On the face of it, it would seem that it is a nice website that gives good offers to people for free however look a bit closer.. there are no advertisements?
When we also factor in that the offers look more like advertisements for products, one can only assume they are getting commission and that perhaps not all items are listed by the public.


there appears to be fake hotdiamonds silver all over the place!

I really don't know if this company is a dodgy chinese front for fake sterling silver but every hot diamond piece I have bought second hand has been a thick coat of silver plate.

not impressed.


terrible service and all round bad

I honestly am so tired dealing with them that I dont have the strength to write a big think about it but lets just say that they are a nightmare to deal with.

(asda stores are okay and seem to be cheaper than tesco)

so not a complete bash of wallmart company.


I decided to give them another chance, but wow was I wrong.. I placed an order a total of 4 times and it was cancelled each time even though the website said it was ins tock for both delivery and collection AND confirmed to be in stock on the phone ??

obviously a rubbish company if you have to squabble in order to give them your money..


worst ordering experience of my life. no attempt to please me or ease the situation at all. very bad customer service who pretend to be nice and helpful but who blatently ignore sales of goods act.

I honestly am so tired dealing with them that I dont have the strength to write a big thing about it but lets just say that they are a nightmare to deal with.

(asda stores are okay and seem to be cheaper than tesco)
so not a complete bash of wallmart company, but their online system is just not worth getting involved in, from items arriving opened, damaged broked etc, to orders being randomly cancelled or to asda taking my money and not giving me the item.. it is just endless. I hope eveyrone sees this trustpilot review but the thing is asda is a billion pound company so no one would think twice about ordering from them, but oh my would they be wrong!

Dolphin Fitness

always had top notch service and fast free delivery. best out of nutrition company's without a doubt.

I have been shopping with them for years and I can vouch that they are good.


how ironic a website trusted to review other website only having a 3 star review LOL

Saying that apart from parroting a few scrupples that other people have I would say the most annoying at present is the fact that I can not comment on other people's reviews for some reason.

Commenting is essential because just like Amazon it calls out unreasonable commenter's and also fake ones..

20 January 2014

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi George,

Thanks for your feedback.

I can let you know that our commenting system for users commenting on reviews by other users is currently run through Facebook, so you would need to make sure you were logged in with a Facebook account to be able to do this.

Otherwise it may be that the company you are trying to use this feature for have turned off the ability for users to comment on reviews by other users on their Trustpilot profile page. It is up to the individual company whether they want to make this option available for users.

Companies can always respond to reviews, and both users and companies always have the option to report any review they believe is not genuine, or contravenes our guidelines. In addition, we have lots of processes running that constantly scan for suspicious reviews based on a vast number of parameters.

I hope this helps explain, and if you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Best Regards,

Office Etc

top company

free, fast delivery and they do as they say , as described item, no nonsense and cheap prices. what more do you want.


no problems, all items in date and fast delivery and well packaged.

I dont really need a full review to be honest. good, solid company they delivered what I ordered simple as. (cheap postage prices too)


Fake earth-friendly, typical business that only cares about Money and not the Quality of their foods or Customer service. Appalling **

I made a large purchase of bars (different boxes) and some of the bars tasted disgusting/off and had mouldy/ black pieces of fruit. (no they were not raisins).

Also, instead of receiving the usual freebie bars that come with an order (I could have ordered separately and got much more freebies)* , I got a little packet of raisins which tasted awful.
Obviously the freebies are 'free' but they used to give 2 bars per box and this just shows how money-oriented they have become.

When I contacted customer service they were rude and dismissive of my concerns and didn't even send another batch or refund me (I never wanted my money back, just the bars I had ordered!)

Another example of this is how the bars used to be twice the size and half the price (literally) so they decided one day to start making their prices extortionate knowing full well they are the only company providing this niche of wholefoods.

But I know a their secret! ...
They aren't really "Raw Food Products" Anymore.

They have cut down on that clearly to save costs and have used clever wording and terminology to trick health-seeking customers into thinking they are a purely wholesome company.

The sugar levels in their bars are far too much, especially since they aren't properly 'raw foods' any more (google this) And their protein bars and other food products are terrible, and not whole foods at all.
What's more their in-store prices are a joke. £1.20 for a 30grams bar of 50% squashed raisins.. Seriously?

This company really started going downhill from day one.
I am truly disappointed about this. In a world full of profit driven companies and greedy businessmen who would sell their grandmothers for a snickers bar they were a refreshing breeze but this has come to an End.

Make no mistake there customer base started from Raw Foodists, Fruitarians, Vegans etc. and then they used that popularity and began to sell sugary foods to busy, health-wanabee mum's who don't have the time to snack healthily

My Vitamins

V.good/ Descent pricing and fast delivery. However read on..

As they are not an established brand, Frankly I'm, not sure If I can trust them completely.. I mean what if the vitamins are low or cheap quality? Then again, they are probably all the same.

It's just that with the established brands you see in stores like holland and barrat, you know they have been examined by trading standards etc..

Anyway good overall service.


nothing flash. good prices and cheap delivery (but big problems)* read on

I originally gave a good review for this but I have now changeed it because although, like above this company has non existent customer support. they sent me expired goods. and not worth ringing up their affiliated company (jelly beans) or some crap like that, because would take 30 mins to get through. (if you even)

but the other reviewers are right. they have no contact details and you wont get your items delivered unless you ring up their affiliated company and speak to the man direct.

So all in all. I wouldnt waste your time and money


At first I gave a good review but I have changed it. Read on to see why.

There products happen to be the only ones that fit my fone and this is why I purchased my item from their site.

The only pros are that they delivered fast and that the items are quite solid. But they sent me a faulty item and their customer service was appalling. They would not replace it and they treated me like an idiot. They would reply to my emails as if I was retarded and they kept pretending to not understand what I was saying.

They also claimed the item I ordered is not available for sale and so they couldn't send one (this was after them wasting a lot of my time)

When I sent the item code and my email confirmation they didn't acknowledge that I was right they just blanked me and kept frustrating me until I gave up. And now I have a product that I can't use and they have my money.

It's up to you if you want to buy from them, but you know what they say. You buy cheap, you buy twice.


quite bad.. please read on

I will cover many points here, the first being technical.

From the get go they failed to set up my internet properly, the technicians rushed the job because they were late from their last job and wanted to go home. I wish they had gone home..

Internet wasnt working for 5 days, we continuously kept ringing people to come out and fix it, and eventually when It was fixed it was not 100mb (as promised)

It was 40mb, and despite many weeks and ringing they did acknowledge many times that it wasnt reaching its speed and then eventually they concluded that it was my hardware.. (Are they joking, dual core, wireless N adapter, Ive got everything I need.

Anyway I gave up with them, I dont have time to deal with them months on end and they take advantage of this fact and so Ive been tied into a 18 month contract for a while.. If they dont provide me with a serious refund and improvement of service then Sky will be getting my custom and virgin will be left without any customers, I mean look at the amount of negative reviews on here for gods sakes.

Furthermore, I have complained a few times about speed, oh and also the virgin tivo box always freezes etc, we’ve had it replaced, and still they have glitches, its slow, and channels dont load..

Oh and they were supposed to upgrade us to 120mb Ages ago.

(Im looking forward to it)

However I doubt that it would even put my speed up to the one that I am paying for now! They should have contacted us and offered a discount in my opinion.

Oh, they also sent out a person who said the reason the net is slow is because of invisible electronic interference (like I am stupid). Ive not heard of anyone else who has been told this by a internet mechanic.

Lastly, the calls are very expensive, probably works out twice more than bt’s pricing, and of course 0845 numbers etc arent included.

The voicemail doesnt include callers number either ??

We also can’t withhold calls using 141 for some reason?

Overall. This is a company that was new in the game and I should have realised from the beginning and stuck with sky etc..

Mazuma Mobile

great company

they are good. trust me!

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