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Just do not touch this company with a barge pole!!!

I have used this company in the past and not had issues but, to cut a long, long story short, I will never use them again and would suggest that you don't either.

The guy that deals with orders on this site is a total idiot and has no concept of customer service. His communication is virtually non existent.

My last order, believe it or not, has been open OVER ONE WHOLE YEAR!

I ordered a number of items including 2 x Equmen Singlets on the 21st February 2012. To my surprise, after ordering the items 7 months previously, I did actually receive one of them in September. The other one...well, I'm still waiting. I have sent literally tens of emails to him chasing and just have nothing back. The one time he did respond with a compromise (alternative item) he didn't even have the decency to follow through on his own suggestion!

I cannot tell you how mad I am with this company. I actually posted on here my experience but then retracted it after he at least sent part of the order through. This time, it's staying and I just urge you to give this poor excuse for a company a big miss!


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