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I was given a voucher as a gift from someone which will run out early/mid June 2012, so I wanted to use the voucher for a hotel in a few days from booking (hence LAST MINUTE booking)! I rang the hotel direct to confirm availability, they said cant hold room for you, as Lastmin wont be able to book for me, so I said ok I will speak to LM now and book the room! Got through to a man who was not English, so the language barrier very time consuming....wanted the hotel for a few days later, but in the time I had to keep repeating and spelling my name (which was clear and concise on my part) and him then telling me let me tell you about the hotel (to which I replied you can tell me about the hotel after ONCE YOU HAVE BOOKED for me, before someone else gets it...!! Guess what in the time of his flapping and no understanding of how to spell my name after repeating it to him, the room was gone! He suggested other hotels...NOT in the area I I compromised...I said "please can I go then a day before" Yes will book for you...gave him my card details and then the voucher codes...Oh guess he has suggested that these were used before???? I explained this is my first time using this code and want to use it before it expires...he then leaves me on hold for more than 5 minutes (he told me he will only be a minute), so fuming I decide to ring to speak to a supervisor, they put me on hold AGAIN for 5 mins, 3rd time I speak to another operator and tell them "please do NOT put me on hold put a supervisor to the phone??" to which a helpful lady assisted me and understood my frustration....this now must be an HOUR on the phone to make a simple hotel booking (as the LM websidte would not highlight the previous available date for me...this is why I had to phone them)....said she would come back to me (I made sure I have all their details...I am STILL WAITING FOR A REPLY TO MY EMAIL AND TO CALL MY PHONE...WHICH SHE SAID SHE WOULD... HER NAME IS SHIKHA, SUPERVISOR IN THE CUSTOMER SERVICES DEPARTMENT!!!! All morning wasted looking at their website for a suitable hotel plus the worst service ever to keep me on hold and lack of communication understanding from one of their operators!!!!! LASTMINUTE please use common sense give the customer a reference no at the start of call (as I couldnt get the reference no as the man left me on hold for about 10mins) now that is why your supervisor couldnt find my details...which I am still waiting for!! Hopefully people she will call me and rectify me and get me into the hotel I want.....DOUBT IT SOMEHOW...just a warning to you all that you need to be VERY PATIENT on the phone with them AND ALWAYS GET THE NAME OF THE PERSON YOU SPEAK TO FIRST BEFORE THEY LEAVE YOU HOLDING FOR A LIFETIME!

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Very down to earth and speaks the truth!