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Herbal Supliment Company

This company provides great products at reasonable prices with fast and reliable shipping. Have had only one problem with a product called Smoking Withdrawal by NatraBio.


Smoking Withdrawal Product

NatraBio claims that they provide a natural solution for people who don't wish to smoke any longer. The product box claims that it gives relief for cravings, Nervous Tension, Irritability and Helps Detoxify.
I used the product for 24 hours and from the beginning it didn't provide any relief from cravings, Nervous Tension or Irritability. Even after using the product according to directions and providing enough time for it to take affect. I don't know about the Detoxify part of it's claims.
In all I took 13 pills.


Better search engine than Google

Bing has many features that help a person find exactly what they are looking for on the web.

Search results are at least in the top 90 percent accuracy over almost all others in the business.


Not what you expect

Company has a rating system that doesn't use comparable rating. Nor do they accurately represent the rated software for what it really is.


Tracking Company.

Mail.com tracks it's customers actions on the net with 5 different tracking scripts. Be careful about you privacy with this company.


Great Company

Charleston stage company provides mostly great plays for the price and are willing to work with you on problems.

AVG Technologies

Good Softeware

Great and reliable software for free!


Great Browser

The browser is wonderful and provide great security features.

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Not really sure I can trust this company. Too much trying to see what I'm up too on the internet.


Good Company.

Fast and reliable filling of orders.


Great service!

Time Warners internet cable service is very reliable and cheap.


Unreliable Company

I made a deposit of 50 dollars over six months ago and ended service with company because they told me it would take a month to hookup my phone service.
They also said a check would be mailed to me. Yet to see this check as of 4-3-10. Also filed with the Better Business and still no response.



The greatest gaming system ever.

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Great Software company

Always great support and software.

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