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Electrical Experience

No Problem!

Decided to order from this company as their selection of TV's were the right and competitive price along with their guarantee options. Spoke to a very helpful online person to check that my chosen TV was in stock. It was not but they offered me the upgraded model for £30 extra when it was listed at £80 extra. I took the deal and after one of their customer service people ringing me up to confirm the order in quick time and sort out the payment with them via paypal the TV was quickly shipped out and delivered to me the next morning and it is beautiful! Excellent staff and service as far as I am concerned right now.

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Nobody Worse

Frauds and Thieves is the only way to describe this company. I had a parcel due from them which I never received and somehow their tracking system claimed.

No1: They had tried to deliver it on the 12th Dec, nobody was home so they left a card.
Absolute Lies!
No2: They contacted me and redelivered it to me 2 days later and had it signed for... The name that was used to apparently sign for the parcel didn't even resemble my own. Lies once again!

Having struggled to contact them they gave me the run around and eventually told me they had no idea where it was and to contact the store for a replacement. Unfortunately the store is also useless as they have not replied to any of my emails.

Never ever use this company!!! And if a shop you buy from does, be afraid.


Very Good - Nice Prices!

Ordered many things from The Hut and would say they have been spot on 99% of the time. Only once did I have an issue which was when they had not sent a top and then found out they were not getting it back in stock but I was refunded right away when this had been established. I can also point out that this was the first time I had ordered from them which was a couple of years back now. Every thing since then has been no problem.
They also do some quite brilliant deals especially on certain games like FIFA each year.

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Well Charged

DrJays is a very good American Urban website for apparel. I have ordered on a couple of occasions and had my delivery sent from America in good time. I think what also stands out for me about DrJays is the fact they calculate vat and tax into the cost when you order your items so there is nothing to worry about when the postal service receives them over here in the UK. Very pleasant experience dealing with them.


Love eBay

Usually whenever I think of something small I want to buy eBay is one of the first websites I will visit to do a search. It has such a huge range of things from different sellers you can spend all day looking for bargains. Cannot fault them at all providing you choose carefully who you are buying from.

Only minor set back for eBay in my opinion would be as a seller. I feel the percentage they take when you sell something is quite a significant amount.


Prime Time!

Excellent company. I've had maybe one occasion in all the years using them where a pair of Headphones had got lost in the post and they promptly sent me out a replacement set. Any one who pays for or has had a trial with their Prime service will know how awesome it is. Next day delivery each and every time without fail.


Must admit I am surprised at all the negative reviews on here. I have been using for a number of years now and they are spot on every time. Perfect with no issues at all ever with them.


A Disgrace - What Went Wrong?

SportsDirect were a decent company once upon a time but never again is the feeling right now.
I ordered 3 Items on the 10th of December which were posted quick enough by SportsDirect, the problem is they use that fraud company Yodel to do their deliveries. Whilst I was personally home for to collect any parcels at all times in the run up to Christmas - Yodel somehow claimed they had visited my house and got no answer so left a card on the 12th Dec, only to redeliver it on the 14th and have it signed for by somebody called "Haleya" which bares absolutely no resemblance to my name. After contacting Yodel they gave me the run around until I was publicly complaining on social networking sites about them stealing my parcel. They then made an effort to contact me telling me they could not find it and that SportsDirect would have to deal with it. Well, over the Christmas period and once again today I have contacted SportsDirect countless of times and I have received not a single response from them. Absolutely pathetic. I should be considering legal action right now as I have been robbed of my money.

Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

Spot On!

Must admit I was a bit reluctant ordering from a Chemist website I had not used before as I had a bad experience with a different one in the past. However...... Absolutely spot on Chemist Direct. Everything arrived perfectly on time.

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