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Onestop Digital

Amazing Company

Many thousands have gone to these guys. The service is 100% spot on. We are semi pros (we get paid though not full time jobs). We have not ordered from anywhere else in 5 years. Why would you?
Your goods are with you within days - ignore the couple of bad reviews here - I suspect they are from UK retailers not real customers.


oooh expensive shop

and they never have anything in stock that I want - no wonder they are close to bust - online I save %30 try onestopdigital instead.


WOW a store that is actually good in the UK

Well knock me down with a feather! I went to the, the man was polite and friendly and knew about the products.
The products were good quality.
I ordered one - he gave me a due date.
On the date they were ready.
I went and saw and paid for them - they were still good quality.
He gave me a delivery day and time.
They arrived on time.
Everything is perfect.

What a rare experience! I think I have just fainted


Bad very bad indeed

If you want to buy a product that has a fault and they won't take back. Then this is your store!
Pushy instore Salesmen - trying to sell crap, useless insurance whcih costs more than the product .... A kettle, £30 - insurance £31.00 per year??? eh >??? eh??? what are they playing at.

If you change your mind or buy an unwanted gift the ONLY way to get a refund is to swear a lot and loudly on a Sat afternoon. Company policy is not to refund unless faulty - Hang on, ordered online,.... its my legal right!

I will NEVER use them again.


Is this the most depressing shop ever?

Good grief - This store attracts the worst kind of people - Hoodies and track suits a plenty. Hence I order online.... If only the order every arrived in one piece.

2 high chairs ordered STILL they are not complete or correct.

So, after many calls and effort I have my money back and went to M+S instead.


Why do they employ children?

When I need advice on building materials, why do I have to ask a 18 year old idiot?? Where are the old guys who actually know something about building.
My local store is a great example. "I need some help with a toilet flush mechanism"
"eerr Jeff is off today"
"come back tmw"
"no, find me what I want"
"err not my department, come back tmw"
"get me the manager"
"duh, that is Jeff, he is off today"
"so who covers his job?"
"doh me"



IS it that hard to get an order correct?

Order a latte, get a black coffee ... Maybe if the staff listened and spoke English they would have a better chance. The price is crazy too.


Teething gel

Boots own has the highest pain killer additive of all on the market. Guess what the entire UK is out of stock. I have tried the North and back home in London. ZERO, zilch. The reason?? I asked one of the staff - due to repackaging ,... dreadful service .. 3 weeks now

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Southern NHS worker now in the North - where it is cold all the time. The last time I saw the sun was 2009. I have created this account to moan and grip about the terrible state of the service industry in this country.