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A disaster of a company

Since signing up with Virgin we have had no end of internet issues. We are on so-called 30mb fibre but our speeds have been so slow for the past 2 years we would have been better off with an 8mb LLU line. Speeds slow to a crawl after 4pm each day due to over-subscription on the local network, which Virgin will not fix as it is not economically viable. Also had no end of headache with their offshore call centres. A real disaster for us, will never do business with any Virgin branded companies again.

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Boots arrived damaged and in wrong size

Ordered size 6, got size 6.5 sent. Also one boot was damaged, and box was not sealed so probably a previous return. Where is the quality control on outgoing stock and/or returned items? This is unacceptable service.


Rubbish iPhone grab/cover (iPhone flip case)

Do not buy this case unless you like having your iPhone fall out of it when it is 'unflipped'. There is no safety catch on the top of the case holding the phone in. This means if the cover is opened and it is tilted more than 90 degrees to the horizontal, when getting up from a seated position for example, your phone is going to be intimately introduced to the floor. Terrible design, and for £40 it is a real disgrace.


Terrible service

My order was cancelled without them letting me know. I only got an order received email, and nothing after that for 3 days. When i emailed customer services I got no response, not even an acknowledgment email. I called customer services, had to pay to hold for 10 mins (calling on mobile) only to be cut off by the agent who answered. Called back but was informed my order had been cancelled. No reason could be given but the person promised to call me back after investigating. Not holding my breath, and ordering from another vendor.


Terrible service

Only reason I would buy their products is the lifetime guarantee, but given their terrible customer service I wouldn't even trust this should I have a problem with one of their garments. They make you pay for return delivery. HELLO??? You sell CLOTHES, we need to try them on and if they don't fit they need to be returned!!! Website/service is all glitz and no substance. Buy their clothes from distributors if you must.

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Absolute rubbish, don't buy from any company using Yodel

Just had a delivery from SportsDirect at 8pm, the driver turned up in a red Astra estate, not a Yodel van as featured on their website, rang our bell for 9-10 second bursts continuously until he woke up our young son. The package was also opened and it looked as if he or someone else at Yodel had opened it to see if there was anything valuable in the parcel. Utterly disgusted with this so-called service, stay well clear if you value your blood pressure. No contact number on their website and they make you enter a tracking number on their contact form to make it harder for you to complain. An utter shambles.

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