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Stunning customer service, good domain prices & honest upfront prices

I ordered a domain transfer online from Godaddy before I realised the depth of the rip-off that The Company Warehouse have conned me with, meaning I can't transfer yet (but I am soo going to)
When I got through to a Godaddy representative she gave me service like I haven't had in a long time, helping me with everything she could & organised a refund on the spot (as I couldn't put the transfer on hold). Completely unlike the unhelpful, useless customer service at The Company crackhouse (avoid avoid avoid!)
& their costs are a fraction of The Company flophouse (avoid avoid avoid!)
& Godaddy tell you what their renewal fees will be -, unlike the rip-offs at The Company craphouse (avoid avoid avoid!)

The Company Warehouse

Domain rip-off. AVOID AVOID AVOID

They use a sneaky low price to get your domain business,
THEN stiff you with a renewal fee 5 times higher than others -£65 for 1 small name .com & .co.uk!
AND will only give you 2 year renewal periods so you have to pay double (they are noted in the industry as being horrendously expensive at renewal)
THEN they want 15 quid for every domain you want to transfer, this is only
reasonable compared to their renewal fees.
THEN you call them & get the most infuriatingly unhelpful service on the phone -
quotes like "that's the company policy" & "our prices are competitive", despite clear evidenc to the contrary, they refuse to do anything AND refuse to pass you on to anyone else as 'you would be wasting their time".
Go Daddy are sooo much more helpful, a fraction of the cost & up front & honest about their ongong renewal fees!


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Rosey outlook for my ceiling

The good stuff
Nice ceiling roses - good detail & very cheap compared to others. The delivery company was the best I've known - lots of contact by email & text & a 1 hour time slot for delivery - all included in the excellent price!

The only wrinkle
The overalls I ordered somehow got changed from XL to small! (I'm 6' 2" & 15 stone, so no way would I intend to order small!) However, on a phone-call, FFX immmediately offered to exchange or refund if I sent them back, even though the order didn't say XL anywhere. I didn't take them up on it as my other 1/2 decided to keep the overalls.
I'd definately recommend this company


The suckiest bunch of jerks I've had the misfortune of using, more sucky than a sucky thing sucking on a sucker!

It comes to something when the staff are actively canvassing the victims, erm "customers", to complain as the company won't listen to them. This is beacause they forced all passengers into the worst seats. All the more spacious ones were empty - for the entire flight - because they have imposed extra charges on them. When I requested to move (my poor other half was squashed between me and another 6'+ chunky bloke) I was refused & the seats stayed empty.
I know it's cattle class & I should be grateful I don't have to pedal the crappy old planes they fly but I will actually go across the country to another airport to avoid them.
I did complain as requested & was forced by their automated system to do it in about 20 words - never received a reply.
Here's some new slogans for them:
"Ryanair - when only CHAV class will do"
"Ryanair - making EasyJet look posh since 1984"
"Ryanair - because you're worthless"
"Ryanair - boldly taking customer service to depths no-one has plumbed before"


A fine service

I bought a few kitchen handles, I got good email communication to let me know the order had been processed, they arrived the next day as promised & were better quality than I expected for the price. Absolutely no issues at all from me!

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