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Beware of this Far Eastern Con Trick hiding behind a seemingly british operation.

I fully agree with the previous reviewer. I too was caught with a "try before you buy" free offer and you only pay postage. Beware for now they have your card details.................Hidden away in the small print they tell you that this is an order and you have fourteen days to cancel or they will charge you £54.95 and send you another carton of rubbish. Companies like this one hide behind words that have you believe that they operate in Britain and therefore you feel safe in the knowledge that you have the law on your side in event of dishonest trading. In fact these companies use British fulfillment companies to appear british and in reality you have to say goodbye to your money. Your credit card will not help because you did not read the small print. On the face of it they have not acted illegally but are confidence tricksters nontheless. Oh.... and the product is rubbish too, with the psyillium content in such ridiculously small quantities as too be beyond useless. Do not entertain the thought of dealing with this company.


Totally awful

I have used Parcel2go twice. And have had a terrible experience twice.
1st occasion taught me that P2g will not refund you if they fail to deliver. They say thay will return the parcel to you free of charge (how generous) but will still charge for non-delivery. You end up paying twice. Once to P2G and once to a reputable company to do the job.
They operate a non-guaranteed service (their words) and they hide behind that statement when anything goes wrong.
If the package is not collected on the booked day..then that's it! P2G will wash their hands unless you contact them to re-book, and in my case I had to re-book 5 times. The parcels were collected 6 days late!

There follows an excerpt from the "chat" I had with them on Friday last.

".........Unfortunately at this moment there is no reason for a failed collection scanned against this order. I can certainly request this detail from the courier and come back to you via e-mail to provide this information?
Parcel2go: Would you like me to re-book this for tomorrow for you?
Me.... WHY? It's already booked. Has someone cancelled it???
Parcel2go: This is not cancelled I have not stated this. Unfortunately the collection on this failed.
Me.... and that means?....... It failed on Weds...failed again on Thursday and will probably fail again today and now you want to "re-book it" for tomorrow. How long can this go on d'y think?
Parcel2go: Sorry. That was my mistake the next available collection date would be Monday. The collection failed and I do apologise for this however this collection has not been rebooked which is why these have not yet been collected.
Me.... Why is there a need for me to re-book if your courier fails so abjectly. Surely it incumbant on you to discover the reason and rectify the problem?
Parcel2go: We do not automatically rebook collections I am afraid. We require customers contact us to have collections rebooked
Me.... then what is a customer supposed to do? Sit around for maybe a week? and then...
Parcel2go: We require customers contact us back if and when a collection fails and we would rebook this.
Me.... I did contact you yesterday and it was supposed to be collected TODAY!
Parcel2go: One order has been booked in for collection today.
Me.... Why is that when you have 3 booked at the same time?
Me.... So if the courier arrives he/she will leave 2 behind?
Parcel2go: You are able to ask the driver if they will collect the others for you however I cannot guarantee this.
Me.... Can you tell me what we the customers are paying for? A service or a thought process?
Parcel2go: Customers pay to have parcels collected and delivered.
Parcel2go: You have booked a non guaranteed service which means the date you select for collection is not 100% guaranteed however does offer a 96% success rate, when a collection does unfortunately fail we do require customers contact us to let us know and we do have these rebooked free of charge. The fact the collection is not guaranteed is stated on the service description and you do accept to this fact on booking when you accept our terms and conditions.

There you have it:- Parcel2Go will carry on failing to provide a contracted service and there is nothing you can say that will make a difference.

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