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DFS Furniture

I hope DFS have changed their policies

Some time ago, we ordered a 3 piece from DFS, and after giving the measurements at the showroom was told that there would be no problem and paid a £100 deposit. On delivery, they couldn't get it up our stairs and we lost our £100 deposit as it was 'specially made'. This was normal for DFS at the time, and all I can say is that if anyone orders from them, make sure your measurements are spot on, and ignore the salesperson. Explain if there is possible difficulty in delivery. You have been warned.


Still the best

I've been an O2 customer since 1995 (when they were BT Cellnet) and have never had a problem. Apart from when I walked into Phones4U and they changed my contract and messed me up. Stick with O2 and you won't go wrong. Don't go into Phones4U though, ever!!


A good place for advertising

Much as it pains me, Facebook is the new place to advertise your business. It used to be home for the kids, but businesses have jumped on board and it's the most looked at piece of media in the world. Probably won't last as something else is in the wind, but good while it's here.


Good quality, good stock

Argos has always been the place to go for men buying Xmas presents as they always have something to buy. Normally good quality, and with online shopping, as made it easy for everyone. Well done.


Value for money airline. He has it right!

RyanAir has shorthaul flights spot on.Considering the cost of a flight on here is the same as it was 40 years ago (yes! Check it!), RyanAir has done what Freddy Laker was prevented from doing. It's like getting on a bus. If you want better facilities, more baggage allowance, go with another airline, don't complain about this one!! It suits the traveller who has no luggage and allows many to visit places they couldn't before. Well done, Michael O'Leary.


Cheap and cheerful. You get what you pay for.

Good value for money store, good if you like a lot of clothes and don't overwear them. We are a throwaway society now, so Primark suits the UK.


Cheap, value for money, but........

I have BB, phone, TV and calls with TalkTalk (ex-Tiscali customer). Everything was fine until TalkTalk took over. I had problems with the TV, and it took 6 months to resolve. Still no reason was given, had 3 set-top boxes, new wiring, 2 modems, and still it didn't work. Possibly a software problem apparently. However, everytime I complained, it was given another job number, new instructions and was a nightmare. No wonder they have dropped TV from their sales now. BB is very slow, only 3.7 mb's, but I will stick with them until something goes wrong again. Then, it hurts but I'll have to go with Virgin, the worst sales company in the world! But it's a good BB / TV service.


Disgusting customer service!

Anyone wishing to have a merchant account would do better by approaching their bank. PayPal have their own rules and the merchant is second to the customer. You cannot speak to anyone, they run by USA T & C's and if you have a dispute with PayPal, tough! They hold onto your money, and in the case of a dispute with them, they hold your money for 6 months!! A very poor company, but we are stuck with them. Shame they are not governed by the FSA.

Waltons Garden Buildings

Poor value for the money

I would never write a bad review unless I meant it. We purchased a greenhouse from Waltons, it was the cheapest in their range and had free delivery, this is why we chose it. It arrived within time specified, and in 2 boxes. The parts were all there, but the instructions were as much use as toilet paper. Poor drawings, no real guide on how to erect. It was suggested it was a 2 man job, but needed 3 really. Screws didn't fit properly and the skylight was extremely cheap and nasty. I hope it all stays together, I have had to use extra screws and sealant to make sure it holds. For the cost, it is an extremely poor and would not recommend it to my worst enemy. I suggest that if you do purchase one of these greenhouses, you get it fitted by an experienced erector.

23 May 2012

Reply from Waltons Web Ltd

Thank you for your feedback, we will investigate further the issues that you have experienced to ensure these are rectified.

Please accept our apologies for the difficulty you experienced installing this item. Our advisor's are available to help with any enquiries of this nature and will assist in any way possible.

The Waltons Team

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