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Effortless and simple way of transferring monies abroad

This is the first time I have used this method of getting money into my foreign bank account and I wish I had signed up years ago. The whole process of setting up and making the transfer is extremely easy and the web site interface guides you clearly and concisely. The transaction charge is considerably cheaper than the transfer method we used to use via our UK Bank. I would highly recommend HiFX and cannot say anything negative about them even if I wanted to,


Dreadful in the first order

I try my best to avoid BT. They are so typical of a large Organisation that doesnt give a damm about the ordinary customer. They would do well to remember that people vote with their feet (or mouse!) and if they arent careful they will end up with a dwindling client base - then they might make more effort.
It isnt difficult to give a good service if you want to....



This is purely a medium of malice / ego / bullying and showing off. I personally know of a case of an imposter account cyber bullying a young lad with special needs and NO ONE was interested. Shame on you money making people with no morals


A mixed bag

There are good sides to eBay but there are some bad practices that go on too. eBay profess to support their customers but I have had some unpleasant experiences when selling from unscrupulous buyers who were allowed to get away with it by eBay. All very well doing something for a quiet life but so not fair on honest Joe.
I only buy now and only from UK sellers with good feedback scores.


Excellent customer service

I have always been a fan of Amazon because of their array of products, fair prices and easy check out. However they have excelled themselves on more than one occasion most recently by their fantastic support to my elderly parents in Spain in helping them with a return item. My parents had changed their mind about an item but found it too costly to return from Spain - Amazon not only refunded the item and delivery charges but said to keep the items that should have been returned. That is going the extra mile!

SoEasy Blinds

Reasonably priced and good service

These 3 blinds were a good price and look nice and fresh. The service was very good with quick despatch of samples and delivery of the completed blinds. They fitted well. If there was anything negative to comment upon is that the material feels quite flimsy (although we did have some idea by the sample but loved the colour!) and that the mechanism at the side is a bit stiff at times. Those minor niggles aside we would use SoEasy Blinds again but take note of the material and pay more for better quality pull cords.

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