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Banned From B+Q Audenshaw ( Gtr Manchester)

First of all I am not a shop lifter or a thief, I am a respectable 50 year old man, who’s “crime” was to try to take back a bucket of emulsion and exchange it for a credit note.
We purchased two ‘buckets of ‘Crown emulsion on Thursday the 1st of April 2010 and only used one, I returned today April the 6th to try to exchange it for a credit note to be told ‘ we have a new policy ‘ no receipt no refund .
I tried to explain that I had lost the receipt but had paid on my card, ‘no receipt no refund’ came the answer.
Could I speak to a manager I asked ? “All in meetings cane the curt reply “
So I stood outside the front door of the store and told everybody who came in B+Q’s new policy, after a while a security guard came out ( he was really nice and professional ) .
He told me that I had to move, I said I was protesting, I told him I was just informing customers of B+Q’s new policy , he was really professional and listened to what I had to say. This was in stark contrast to ‘ Damien and Peter who came out .
They were both wearing managers badges, Peter said to me that “customers do not want to hear you *“Vacillating”. I asked him what that meant and he said” look it up “ so obviously he did know what it meant . Then Damien Chipped in and threatened to “ detain me “ if I did not leave.
The security guard looked very concerned about this as he obviously new the law and detaining people who have not stolen anything is very dodgy ground.
The security guard then said that while he was with me he was not looking out for shop lifters, all because they would not exchange my paint !!
Damien now bolstered by his four large colleagues told me to “take you paint and clear off you are banned” ( lovely customer service )
So what am I left with, well obviously a bucket of paint, and the impression that some managers at B+Q use words they do not understand.
I will spend my money elsewhere
*NB Vacillating (means to sway )

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