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Restored faith in call centres!

Just a quick message to thank one of your employees who I spoke to over the phone today at 14.00pm called Rup. He was absolutely fantastic and was a real pleasure to talk to!

He was kind, thoughtful and could very easily put himself into the shoes of the customer - I felt very comfortable dealing with him.

He informed me that I could go down to a £31 a month contract (saving me £5 a month!) and even added on 100 extra minutes for me for the first 2 months - for FREE! To help me with the transition of going down to a smaller tarrif. He let me know that I have 5 magic numbers to add on to my account and also answered all my questions about splitting my account.

Very helpful, knowledgable and a REAL CREDIT TO THE COMPANY!

So thanks very much Rup! Hope to deal with more people like you in call centres in the future.

Kindest regards,

One very happy customer



It is my cousins wedding on Friday but I work every weekday so I decided to order from missguided.co.uk as it is so convinient and there are some lovely and inexpensive dresses. I spent roughly 3 - 4 HOURS on Tuesday on the website and eventually found a dress that I loved! I added the dress to my basket only to find when I entered the basket it had suddenly vanished? I continued to try to add it to the basket but it just kept disappearing. After about 10 minutes I could no longer view the particular dress on the website at all in no way WHATSOEVER! It was as if the dress had vanished off the face of the website! I then managed to find the dress and add it in a smaller size but was worried it wouldn't fit so ordered two other dress aswell in the hope that one would be suitable. I also ordered a pair of shoes, this came to over £100. I sent a message to missguided expressing my disappointment. I also included a message on the delivery asking for a size 12 if possible.

THEN, I opened the website later that evening to show my boyfriend the 3 dresses, another different dress had vanished off the face of the website but the one I loved had suddenly reappeared. Out of curiosity I tried to add it to my basket in a size 12 and VOILA! It worked! I was astounded but also very ANNOYED at the same time. I knew that to ensure this dress would fit I needed it in a size 12 so I decided to order it AGAIN and figured I would just send the size 10 back for a refund. However, I wanted the free next day delivery so it would all arrive together. So, I also ordered a blouse and this order came to over £50. That is OVER £150 in all. I sent ANOTHER message to missguided expressing my extreme frustration of being IGNORED and how annoyed I was that all of a sudden the dress is back on the website and available to order in my size.


I started work today (Thursday) at 2 o clock and my dad was in the house ALL DAY and nobody came, the doorbell wasn't rung and the door wasn't knocked. I got home from work at around 7pm to find a DX Delivery Card through the door saying the 2 parcels were "at TOP OF STAIRS" - as there is a fire escape outside of my front door. UMMMM THERE IS NO PARCEL IN MY SUPPOSED "SAFE PLACE". I have checked on the stairs, with my neighbours, the vicinity of my porch, EVERYWHERE and there is nothing to be found. I can only assume the courier has misplaced the parcel or it has in fact been STOLEN through no fault of my own. There was no time written on the card, no other details were provided and I wasn't even aware I even had a safe place? I assumed I would have to sign for the two parcels if I was not in BUT somebody was in all day! Now, I have to take a day off work tomorrow to go into town and buy a dress for my cousins wedding on Friday. I am £150 OUT OF POCKET. Looking at all these reviews I do have to wonder... will I EVER get my refund? I doubt it.

I am one extremely unhappy customer to the point of crying.

Thanks alot missguided. :(

AND if you do read this Lisa Harris, I will be writing to trading standards about this and will not hesitate to contact BBC watchdog which I'm sure a lot of your unsatisfied customers would be happy to write too aswell.

03 June 2012

Reply from Missguided

Hi Hannah

I am sorry for the problems that occurred with our website when trying to place an order, I can appreciate this must have been very frustrating for you. Your comments have been passed to our Web Development Team.

With regards to your order, I can see that the items were delivered on time but since stolen. Please could you respond to the email from Rebecca of which asks you a few questions to enable Missguided to carry out a full investigation with our courier company.

In the meantime, I have sent you an email directly for you to respond.

Kind Regards

Lisa Harris
Customer Care Manager

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