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very rude staff

staff was very rude in Tralee, kerry, ireland even at xmas - no client service - just want to sell and then treat like dirt


shipping unbelievable high!

i wanted a filing cabinet - argos said they could only ship it - could not give it to me there and then - so i said ok - next thing they wanted 20 euros for the shipping - this was in ireland

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very bad customer service

customer service ignored my question, i was also lied to in regards to a product not being in stock, they're very annoying, ask stupid personal questions like what do u want the tablets for when its obvious what they're for!!!! they are also stuck up and treat you as if they're superior to you, forget you're the client, they think they're gods who can decide for you, can't give u an honest answer even, plus ask stupid questions and lie to you about items not being in stock when a friend of mine ordered same hours after i did and was never told item was not in stock...

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