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Merlin Cycles Ltd

First stop for top branded cycling parts

I use Merlin cycles all the time for any bits I may need for my bikes.
They give a first class service in every aspect of their business, price, customer service and very fast delivery times.



just let I'd let you know of my very bad experience with this bunch of ********!

On the 12/03/2012 I ordered a pair of Miche supertype 558rs wheels, very sweet light tubulars. I'd used Fatbirds before to get my Reynolds DV3K Tubulars so I went back.

The wheels were on a special deal at 50% off for £809.99, bargin! So I paid for them. The next day they Emailed me to say their supplier had no stock and did I mind

waiting between 6-8 weeks for delivery? I said no, I didn't mind waiting, I wasn't in much of a rush, so I then got an Email to say they'd ordered them and

'thanks very much'!

A few Emails were exchanged after about 7 weeks, and 'delivery was almost here', great I thought........

Then after 9 weeks I chased it up again, and then the excuses started........

'Sorry, they missed the shipment'!!!!! and would be another 3 weeks???

Then all of a sudden, I got another Email saying the price had changed to £1241.99!!!!!!!! A great deal I was told, because this is still the cheapest on the net!

Now I'm no expert, but is this legal?

I pointed this out in several Emails, but this just fell on deaf ears, then they just refunded my PayPal without me even asking!?!?

I then got an Email from the MD, he went on about what a good deal he thought this was, and could I go through him if I wanted to proceed,

so 'I could get the very best service'!!! He then went on and said, that since I'd paid for them, the price he bought them for was about £200 more, but alas, not satisfied with that, he then wants to make a further £200 on a error by his company!!

I pointed out to him, that surely he couldn't do this, and it was, as far as I was concerned, Against the LAW?

He was in direct breach of his own 'terms and conditions'......'as soon as you pay in full, the contract is made'. 'you own the items'

Now you would imagine that the terms and conditions that they wrote, on their site would be kept to? Think again....

So the facts.......

I paid for these wheels IN FULL, they then kept my money for 9 weeks!!! then broke their own terms and conditions, and the law!!

This company will use any underhand action at their disposal!
They will exploit any loophole they can!

Please think twice before you use this website.

further to the reply below.

This is exactly what I mean....
They will reel out total lies!? I
I have Never phoned these people, and as I stated as FACT above, the first I knew of any change in price was 9 WEEKS after they had taken FULL PAYMENT!

Please don't waste waste you money with this company, you have been warned.

I find it quite staggering that a company who relies on the internet for their trade, is quite happy to treat the people who keep them is business like this?????
Let alone try and pedal lies to make it seem like myself, the innocent party in this, is to blame!

And just remember all at Fatbirds...


25 May 2012

Reply from Fatbirds

The customer called to confirm the price and was told it was a price error and the product was removed from the website the next day.
Unfortunately however this customer decided to push the online order through anyway just before it was removed in the hope of capitalising on our mistake.
We accept entirely that holding the customers money for this length of time was unacceptable for which we have apologised numerous times, this was a administrative oversight on our part and we have taken steps to ensure that this will not happen again

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